So beautiful

Elinore 2022-07-19 19:51:03

The worldview is imaginative and self-consistent, and it also integrates science and fairy tales. Children and adults can be satisfied!

Fairy tale part: The moon was brought back by the moon guardian who entered the dream world and carved it with the original moon stone. Many cute little white beasts use thin wires and strings to control the trajectory of the moon. The guardian of the moon sits on the beast and pulls the sun/moon together with the guardian of the sun to control the day and night.

The former guardian was seduced by snakes, and the underground world turned into a magma hell.

The ability of the Moon Guardian is a dimensionality-reducing blow, which can pull people from three-dimensional into a two-dimensional dream world, dispel nightmares, and make people calm.

Old and dead sun guardians will become statues, and moon guardians will become glowing fantasy plants.

Science part: The moon and the sun complement each other, and the moon cannot shine without the sun. Miss Candle determines whether the moon deviates from its daily trajectory by measuring latitude and longitude and time. Candles melt when heated and solidify when cold, which belongs only to morning and evening.

The whole story is tender and imaginative. Who doesn't want to be like the guardian of the moon, leading the moon with a string, like holding an ordinary balloon. In order to save the sun, Miss Candle blew off the magma on the surface to condense, and she was also melted by heat (it's so beautiful after melting!). The guardian of the moon pinched her again, and then broke off a small piece of the moon to resurrect her, which was very naive and romantic. The bad guys in the play are also bewitched by snakes before they do bad things. For example, the reservist moon guardian also woke up after finding out that the original moon had died, and regretted the wrong choice. The lava king turned into a beautiful waterfall after eliminating the interference of snakes.

The soundtrack is great, the composition is beautiful, the characters are super cute, the handsome and illiterate sun guardian, the moon guardian who looks like Stitch and has moving ears, and the hair is like a candle lady melting wax. There are also two funny subordinates of the Great Demon King, one is talkative and optimistic, the other is delicate and likes delicate flowers, and the funniest thing is that flowers grow on the top of their heads in the end! There are also many, many glowing plants in the dark night world, with strange and beautiful shapes, as charming as a dream.

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