Metaphor of the Guardian of the Moon

Kianna 2022-11-15 06:46:59

The snake is an allusion from the Garden of Eden, which leads to amplifying people's dark thoughts, making people evil and confusing people's minds.

Controlled by force, the sun is a symbol of force, power (hard power), courage, boldness, negative effects are arrogance, arrogance, disrespect for knowledge (Trump), depravity manifests as evil (fascism).

The moon is controlled with music, is sensitive, a symbol of the heart (soft power), so it shows compassion, kindness, agreeableness, and the negative effect is inferiority, weakness.

Grimm is a symbol of knowledge and wisdom, mediating between sunlight and darkness.

The theme is good + knowledge + power to overcome evil. At first, Grimm liked Suohong, and later chose Muun. Strength needs kind guidance.

Science is new and not everyone can grasp it.

The two little devils represent the emotions, indicating that there are always people who are not suitable for the status quo and will have nightmares. Force will lead to resistance, so it is an excellent ability to appease nightmares.

The goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology is female. Wisdom in the West is a feminine word. So Graham is female.

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