Guardian of the Moon

Angelo 2022-09-06 05:23:44

Compared with the inspirational, innocent and old-fashioned story content, the setting of the story background impressed me more.

The driving of the sun and the moon is driven by two behemoths, which reminds me of Howl's Moving Castle! I have to say that the little white monster who spun silk and held the moon and the two little devils in the nether world who are single-mindedly thinking about going bad have the same effect.

The candle man can only move in the twilight zone between light and darkness, melting in the sunlight and solidifying in the night.

The Guardian of the Moon is the master of dreams, and although most people despise dreams, dreams are the key to this righteous battle. The Guardian of the Sun likes to joke around with girls, which is also his confident nature, but not annoying.

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