I heard there is French romance here

Martine 2022-09-11 18:37:44

I still don't know how to fully describe my yearning for this type of animation, such as "Nausicaa", "Princess Mononoke", as well as the guardian temple of this animation, the original moon stone, and the elf, all of which greatly satisfy my desire for The yearning and worship of natural mythology. Enough imagination and matching style of painting, the enthusiasm of the bright world, the quiet healing of the dark world, each has its own personality and echoes each other. The temples only manage the order, and everything is very harmonious. It is found that the author's name is carefully thought. Soho, the guardian of the sun, corresponds to so hot, and Muun, the guardian of the moon, corresponds to moon. Fate calls, their return, and their guardian. Animation, imagination, stories, and dreams make up the evaluation of this film. I also admit that it is these qualities that attract me. Maybe I still yearn for fairy tales and beauty, at this young adult's age. However, I have some selfish thoughts, love is beautiful, but the appearance and development of this film seems a bit abrupt. For me, it appears that the pure is not so pure, not a flaw, just a little superfluous. Of course, this is just my own thought, everyone will have different ideas about the appearance of this plot, but for me, if the two of them maintain mutual trust and guard the bright moon together, the revolutionary friendship of the sun will be better.

Nighty night!

Guardian of the Moon (2014)
2014 / France / Animation / Alexandre Seaborn Benoit Fili / Omar Hiezia Highgrin

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