I love you

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1. A foreigner who cooked tofu (beautiful)
bumped into Huang Feihong and said "I'm sorry" in Chinese.

Huang Feihong: Foreigners here can also speak Chinese, and the world has changed a lot now. I think the two of us are going to learn some foreign languages ​​too. In the future, socializing and entertaining with foreigners will also speed up the communication between Yanghua.

Liang Kuan: I can speak foreign languages. 'Boiled tofu'.

Wong Fei Hung: 'Boil tofu', what foreign language?

Liang Kuan: 'Boil tofu', every foreigner will say that when they meet Thirteenth Aunt.

2. Auntie Thirteen of Meridian Gate (Woman)
pointed to 'Woman' Huang Feihong on the blackboard

: Five what? ?

Aunt Thirteen: Woman

Huang Feihong: Oh~~ Meridian Gate, I know this is where the prisoner beheaded.

Aunt Thirteen: This is easy to get confused, so teach me a little bit more clearly.

3. Stupid (Man)
Thirteenth Aunt pointed to 'Man' Wong Fei-hung on the blackboard

: Man~~ Ah, boring. We have been to the Meridian Gate, which is very lively, and it will not be boring at all.

Aunt Thirteen: It's not "Midden Gate" and "Stupidity", this is a woman, this is a man, called Woman and Man.

Wong Fei Hung: Oh, all the women have been beheaded at the Meridian Gate. Of course this man is bored.

4. I love you.
Thirteenth Aunt: I love you.

Wong Fei Hung: I love tiger oil, what does this mean?

Aunt Thirteen: It's the words of concern that you said when you had something to do with me, or when I walked away. . .

Aunt Thirteen, who was immersed in joy, did not expect it. . .

Liang Kuan: Master, I have something to do with Aunt Thirteen.

Huang Feihong: Ah Kuan, if you are looking for someone to do something, you must first say 'Love Tiger Oil'. When foreigners are looking for someone to do something, they all say 'love tiger oil' first. This is English, say.

Liang Kuan: Thirteen aunts, love. . Love. . love tigers. . love tigers. .

Aunt Thirteen: Hey, this is what I taught your master, you don't have to tell me that, you know?

Huang Qiying: Feihong, I was just trying to ask you something, let's talk outside.

Huang Feihong: Dad, you have something to do with me, you must first say 'love tiger oil'.

Huang Qiying: What oil? I love you?

Huang Feihong: Aunt Thirteen, Dad and I went out to love tiger oil, and you and Ah Kuan love tiger oil here.

Thirteenth Aunt: . . . .

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