The last paragraph of Wong Fei-hung, the difference between the Mandarin version and the original Cantonese version

Elliot 2022-07-07 19:36:57

Hong Kong films, Cantonese is the original version, and there are two kinds of 109 minutes and 112 minutes. In fact, the original Cantonese version is still a little different. You can compare it and see if you can still read something different. Mandarin version: Master Li, the so-called winner is the king, and the loser is the bandit. The sky cannon rang just now. If there is no sky lantern to block the gun, no one really knows who will win. Now the gold medal is in my hands, Hwang, it's not that I won. In this "Lion King Contest" organized by the lord to show the might of our people, so many people were killed and wounded. In front of the world, we all lost. From the point of view of the common people, we not only need to practice martial arts to strengthen our body and fight against foreign enemies, but the most important thing is to broaden the wisdom of the people and the unity of wisdom and martial arts. Can a mere brand change the national fortune? Also ask Mr. Li to think twice. This gold medal is for you as a souvenir! ~ Farewell! Cantonese original version: Sir, the so-called winner is the king, and the loser is the bandit. But when the firecrackers went off just now, if there were no sky lanterns to block the musket, who would win or lose would already be another matter. Now this gold medal is in my hands, Huang Feihong, but who won and who lost? In fact, in this "Lion King Contest", so many people were killed and injured in our martial arts world, and we all lost. The so-called brave people are fearless, and the benevolent are invincible; the most important thing to practice martial arts and strengthen one's body is to combine wisdom and courage. If the wisdom of the people cannot be broadened, and only hands and feet are required, how can the country be prosperous and the people strong? What is the price of such a lion gold medal in the mere? Please think twice about this, adults! I will give this gold medal to adults as a souvenir! Farewell! Personally, I feel that although the two sentences in Cantonese have roughly the same meaning, the tone of the original version is better than the Mandarin version. Maybe when people speak to officials, they must address them as "you", and they can't call themselves by their first names. Before speaking, we must praise "showing the power of our people" and focus on "fighting foreign enemies". (Accordingly, before the Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded, the number of orthodox officers and soldiers in the capital plus Boxer regiments far exceeded the Allied Forces. We were always told which Eight Powers were bullying us, but less about why they were so vulnerable.) Due to cultural differences, the Hong Kong film Cantonese was translated into In Mandarin, it is often necessary to change. There are many examples of Hong Kong films being caught by river crabs, such as "Hei Society" (the mainland version of "Dragon City Years") and so on.

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