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There are so many tricks for little foreign devils.

(Foreign Guizi) Said in front of our navy ships that our navy ships were strong and sharp, but when we turned our backs on them, we sank our navy ships.

Anyway, we are very close relatives. How close we are will tell you another day.

The circle has a three-point angle, and the smile has a seven-point prestige. Tiger eyes and cheeks on both sides, and the top of the forehead is soaring to the sky. This lion is Guan Yunchang.

You (kiss) you move so fast, why aren't you so agile when learning to grapple?

Fist and feet are small, and people are generous.

Urgent, any rules have to be put down.

By the time they have results, there may be no results.

A lion race will make you look ugly. You people in the underworld do it yourself, I, Huang Feihong, will not go to the Lion King Conference!

Both of our hands were kissed by you, please don't make this mistake again in the future, this habit is very bad!

With such a fire, you won't even let me touch the shadow?

The four major gangs in the capital: Andri, Bada Temple, Humenfang, Dapinghao.

The lion race has turned into a gang war.

"Give this foreign thing back to him, and I'll buy you a new one."
"Okay. But it's not easy to buy."
"Really? Then return it to him after you buy it."

Guizu Qi, my name is "Dad"!

The women all pushed to the Meridian Gate (Woman) and beheaded, of course the man was bored (Man).

Shaoyun, I love you.

(Fei Hong) Want to marry Thirteen Aunts? Wasn't Feihong my god-brother-in-law? Whoops, this is all messed up.

Whoever rules will depend on who can defeat the steam engine.

Go into battle without leaving the father and son soldiers!

"Master, can you endure it like this?"
"Okay, go after you!"
"Okay! You have already endured it, can I still bear it?"

I see that all those old lion heads are thrown away, outdated things should not be kept.

At the Lion King Contest for Hegemony, the sky blue fireworks were fired to kill Li Hongzhang.

Just have fun and don't kill people.

It was the movie machine you gave me that sold you all.

Two hundred years ago, you Han people were also dissatisfied with being ruled by the Manchus, but aren't you used to it now?

I have more experience in blocking guns than you!

The lion king competition organized by the adults to show the might of our people has killed and injured so many people. In front of the world, we have all lost.
From the point of view of the common people, we not only need to practice martial arts and strengthen our bodies to fight against foreign enemies, but the most important thing is to broaden the wisdom of the people and integrate wisdom and martial arts. That is the way to enrich the country and strengthen the people.
Whether a mere brand can change the national fortune, please think again, Mr. Li. This gold medal is left as a souvenir for you!

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