Not only is the picture beautiful, but also has a breathtaking world view

Rogelio 2022-11-10 10:18:38

Although this is a cartoon, it is not only beautiful, but also has an epic world view setting. The grand world view, the ingenious and changeable characters, the finishing touches of the minor supporting characters, and the dialogue full of stalks, it can be said that the editor's imagination is breathtaking.

Such a perfect world view setting can almost be compared with epic masterpieces like "The Lord of the Rings".

At the beginning of the world, the earth was originally a dark little planet. Until one day, a great warrior captured the sun with a tool to capture stars, and then the earth had light. This is more romantic than "God said there is light, there is light". The warrior became the guardian of the sun, setting the seasons and tending the land.

With a bright world, all things grow, and the earth becomes prosperous and beautiful.

The guardian of the sun represents masculinity, brave and strong, passionate like fire, with a temple transformed from stones leading the sun to walk on the earth non-stop, bringing light to the world.

The moon was brought back from the dream by another warrior, and while bringing the moon, he also brought dreams to the world. Naturally, the warrior became the Guardian of the Moon.

The guardian of the moon, accompanied by beautiful dreams and gentle moonlight, leads the moon with an elf-like giant deer, bringing the moonlight in the dark to the other half of the world.

The sun comes from the efforts of the warriors, and the moon comes from the dream, what a wonderful and romantic setting.

In this way, the world begins to have the alternation of the sun and the moon, and all things have the law of work and rest. Some people live under the sun and are called the people of the world of day; while others live under the moonlight and become people of the world of night.

And our protagonist, the little girl, is a wax-like creature that lives in the world of dawn and dusk. She can't get too close to the sun, because it will melt; she can't go too completely into the night, because it will freeze.

The Guardians of the Sun and Guardians of the Moon have been passed down from generation to generation and are responsible for maintaining peace in this world.

Such a grand and imaginative world view setting has been done far more than other animation levels, so although the story of this animation is nothing new, it is just a simple story of a hero defeating the devil and saving the world, but it is equally attractive. .

The story begins with the retirement of the previous guardian of the sun and the moon and the election of a new guardian. The unknown Mune became the guardian of the moon by accident, and Sohone, the apprentice of the guardian of the sun, naturally became the guardian of the sun.

The inexperienced new guardian has just taken over the responsibility of guarding world peace. The villain who was sealed in the underground world began to move around, trying to steal the sun back and become his own cyst. Under his conspiracy, Mune made a big mistake, which eventually resulted in the sun being stolen and the moon dying because there was no sunlight, and the world was plunged into total darkness.

The two guardians who shoulder the responsibility of protecting world peace took our "candle" heroine to start a journey to regain the sun and bring a moon to the dreamland. They passed through the dark forest, dived into the blue deep sea cave, came to the barren underground world, entered the dreamland to fight a moon again, defeated the demon, and finally regained the sun.

The story is so simple that it can be said with nothing new. But the characters in the animation are all kinds of strange, each with its own characteristics. And each character, good or bad, has a very interesting personality.

The previous Sun Guardian was an old man with "senile dementia", who couldn't even remember the name of his apprentice;

the Sun Guardian's assistant was a creature that was piled up with stones, and scattered on the ground when touched
; Little devil, one is depressed and unwilling to do bad things, and the other is very optimistic.
There is also the spider in the tree in the Temple of the Moon, the various birds in the forest, and the animal that runs very fast.
Every character leaves a lasting impression.

There is no pure bad guy in the animation. The so-called big villain demon used to be the greatest guardian of the sun, but his heart was eroded by evil, trying to take possession of the sun privately and become a demon. Finally, under the power of the moon guardian dream, the evil was expelled, and the desolate underground world became desolate.

Another highlight of the animation is to choose a painting style that is different from reality in order to express the dream. In reality, each character is three-dimensional, and the colors are more diverse and brighter, but in the dream, the characters are in a flat watercolor style, with another simple and retro beauty.

Whether it is day or night, reality or dream, the pictures in animation are always breathtakingly beautiful. It is comparable to the picture of "Song of the Sea" the year before.

Thinking about it carefully, the previous year's "Song of the Sea" (although it was an Irish work, but France also participated in the production), last year's "The Little Prince", and this year's "Moon Keeper", the French have created several beautiful pieces for us in a row. A beautiful world, the romance of the French is affecting the world.

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