Still willing to believe in fairy tales

Evan 2022-10-27 20:45:01

1. I don't know if I'm the only one who saw it as a lily film, why is it a little boy, obviously a little girl!

2. God said that there is light, so there is light, so the sun and the moon are both discovered and brought by the guardians of ancient times, and guide their movements. This point restores the fairy tale when I was a child. When I was very young, I really felt that the moon followed me. I walked with the moon, and the moon followed me!

3. The setting of the Waxman Sier is very interesting. It can't be too hot, it will melt if it is too hot, and it can't be too cold, it will solidify and harden and cannot move, so normally it can only act at dawn and evening. But Ciel was still an adventurous person who always wanted to sneak out and see the beautiful world outside, so her father was always worried and always nagging. Siel is full of poetry and books and is very knowledgeable!

4. The protagonist Muen, I think she is a little girl! With the ability to soothe people's sleep, he was chosen as the patron saint of the moon by mistake. So the next series of things happened.

5. Suo Hong, the new patron saint of the sun, is proud and likes to be complimented by beautiful women! Especially when asked why he wanted to find the sun, he answered "in order to attract girls", such a straight boy.

6. The moon is drawn from a dream, and I like this setting very much. And the dream and reality in the film are different displays, the feeling is very novel!

7. The villain BOSS used to be the guardian of the sun. Because he was seduced by snakes (evil) and eroded his heart, he became bad.

8. The former Patronus of the Sun, who is already old and can't even hold the mirror stably, was once the first warrior, and he also beat the villain BOSS, and the hero is too late.

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