The heaviness in life needs to be solved in a very light way

Greta 2022-10-17 09:14:20

I have to say that the French romance is based on absolute rational philosophy. With an understanding of life and the universe, the heaviness of life must be solved in a light way. In the animation, the three protagonists in the play are very interesting. The sun represents masculinity, the source of courage and life; the moon is feminine, a symbol of music and dreams. The guardian of the sun - muscular and muscular, the guardian of the moon - petite, somewhat lacking in self-confidence, also a pacifier of dreams, and a wax man who can only be active at dusk and morning, in the alternating moments of night and day There is life. It seems that in the contrast of black and white, there is an image of grey in between - a neutralizer with a transitional nature. Such a three-person combination is relatively complete to save the world. This also symbolizes that in the world of man and the universe, in addition to yin and yang, there are also those transitional properties. There is no general duality of good and bad in the story, only excessive pride and irritated ego are the source of the demon world. In the dream world, you can pull out the poisonous snake that is in your heart and play with your thoughts, and let the originally angry patron saint spit out the lava from the volcano and turn it into a cool stream. In the picture, the sun is moved by a thick iron chain, and the moon is driven by fine threads like spider silk, driven by music. This is really a very interesting animation. On the surface, it is just a story about taking an adventure to save the world, but it is a lot of inspiration to taste carefully and disassemble the symbolic codes of those characters.

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