once upon a time in Tsui Hark's troubled times

Jamarcus 2022-10-21 13:37:37

Tsui Hark is really good at filming troubled times.

He can easily maintain order in a very chaotic scene.

The first "Chaos Trilogy", "Butterfly Change", "No Door to Hell", "Type 1 Dangerous", an out-and-out cult film, the ultimate bold and crazy attempt, rough and full of violence. The depiction of the world of martial arts, the exploration of human nature, and the domineering and calm control of out-of-control scenes. Many of Tsui Hark's works in the future are more gentle and popular than these three works.

The framework setting of "Once Upon a Time" is the chaotic times in the late Qing Dynasty, a character that can be created, a historical background that combines Chinese and Western, a group of omnipotent Hong Kong martial arts, a burning Hong Kong-made era, and a person who has drank foreign ink The director of overseas Chinese in Nanyang. A perfect stage indeed.

When I was a child, I watched Huang Feihong in CCTV6, but I was attracted by Jet Li under the bgm of Dangdangdang's "Men's Self-improvement". It is a good film that calls on young people to strengthen their bodies. After watching a lot of the old master's films, and then watching Wong Fei-hung back then, in addition to admiring him and wanting to cut off his head and send it to the Hong Kong martial arts world, he was completely moved by the chivalrous spirit and chaotic feelings in the cultural conflict.

The crumbling feudal rule, the coast of Guangdong under the influence of foreigners, the first chapter begins, the missionary Hallelujah downstairs, the morning tea and bird watching national music upstairs, a very interesting contradiction is outlined in a few strokes

The second scene is much darker. Halfway through the film, after the White Lotus Sect led the Qing Dynasty to exterminate foreigners, there is a clip of the life of the common people under the music of the blind and the White Lotus attacking the embassy. The restaurant is very lively, and people eat dog meat. Gambling, selling women, smoking big cigarettes, grabbing food, foreign guns against torches in the distance, attacking the embassy, ​​the smoke is filled with gunpowder. Worrying about people, the way to go is boundless, and I can't help but feel sad. I am confused about the past, which makes me cry a lot. I want to learn to write and join the army, but I am mistaken by the Confucian crown, which makes it difficult for me to expand my ambition. They are hiding in the same place, but they are surrounded by evil spirits, and they are far boundless. They say that the sea is dry and the rocks are rotten, and the love is dead. Look at the heavy fog and the strong west wind. Flying from the south to the north, I am afraid that I will hear about the guests, but I will not report my safety. I ask myself why Tolerance? I have no tears in my eyes, and my eyes are short and cold. I miss my deep love and fraternity, and I am incompetent. Today, people are far away, and the world is near. From now on, Piaoping and rootlessness. How many deep alliances and secret agreements are made, every sentence has no basis." The bounty ends a very artistic section.

When it came to The Lion King, it became cheerful again. Aunt Thirteen's open fashion and Feihong's old-fashioned style have always been a conflict and a point of laughter. The two quarreled over the movie machine. Aunt Thirteen taught Huang Feihong English, and Liang Kuan's "anction" pressured It is to hold down the wallet, and God is a show of spirit. Huang Feihong's love for his sons and daughters makes this character even more lovely in this film.

Tsui Hark directed the first three parts of the "Once Upon a Time" series. The first part is a gang fight that helps foreigners rob Chinese women, the second part is a feudal and superstitious white lotus sect that poisons Chinese people's minds, and the third part is a dance with the capital city. The powerful and illusory battles of the Lions Convention each have their own fighting style and their own cultural expressions.

But I like the artistic conception of the third part the most. Li Hongzhang showed his national prestige to hold the lion king competition, the martial arts world struggled to fight for the illusory lion king title, Huang Feihong danced the lion head, defeated Zhao Tianba and rescued Li Hongzhang, After winning the gold medal, he said to Lord Zhongtang:

"My lord, it is said that the winner is the king, and the loser is the bandit. But the firecrackers went off just now. If there is no sky lantern to block the musket, who will win or lose is another matter. Now the gold medal is in my hands, Huang Feihong, but who will win? , who loses? In fact, in this battle for the lion king, so many people were killed and injured in the martial arts world, and we all lost. The so-called brave people are fearless, and the benevolent are invincible. The most important thing is the unity of wisdom and courage. How can the country be prosperous and the people strong? How much is the price of a Lion King gold medal? Please think twice about this. I will give you this gold medal as a souvenir."

In this era of introversion, such a righteous speech will still be boiling with enthusiasm, without losing its value. Our master, it's been a long time since we filmed martial arts, and we, the sixth princess, haven't broadcast the Lion King for a long time.

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