Lion King

Aryanna 2022-10-06 08:12:42

This Wong Fei Hung series is my favorite one, not only because of the subtlety of its martial arts scenes and design, but because of the uprightness and sternness that this movie is full of. The character Ghost Feet Seven was brought to life in this film. After Huang Feihong and several others fought for the hegemony of the Lion King, Huang Feihong and Li Hongzhang had a dialogue that could be called a classic awakening of the world. This passage is actually the essence of this movie. China is not a sleeping lion, but it needs this passage to wake up. The gold medal, which symbolized victory, was finally thrown back into Li Hongzhang's hands by Huang Feihong. Such heroism is beyond the reach of people. As a result, the Once Upon a Time series of films has reached a peak-like position.

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