Sudden resentment: the feeling of watching "The Lion King"

Rashawn 2022-09-13 00:07:06

Lord Li, the so-called winner is the king, and the loser is the bandit. The sky cannon rang just now, if it wasn't for the sky lantern blocking the gun, no one really knew who would win. Now the gold medal is in my hands, Huang, it's not that I won. In this lion king competition organized by the adults to show the might of our people, so many people were killed and injured in front of the world, but in fact we all lost. From the point of view of the common people, we should not only practice martial arts and strengthen our bodies to fight against foreign enemies, but more importantly, broaden the wisdom of the people and integrate wisdom and martial arts. Whether a mere brand can change the national fortune, please think again, Mr. Li. I'll keep this sign for your memory. ——Huang Feihong

is accustomed to the daily life and rest of the day and night, and always produces some strange thinking activities at night, all of which are related to the future and tomorrow. In a city without the starlight of the city around, without those neon lights running through the night sky, without the bustling crowds and vehicles coming and going, I always feel that I am isolated from the world, and I am self-abusing in a room where no light can come in. All the thinking will only stay on the words "I want to go out", and after all the thinking is over, there is a sense of emptiness like a tide.

I read a poem on Niu Bolianyue's site last night, but I couldn't understand it, so I turned to those interesting comments, and I was deeply impressed by the lines of a movie. I remember when I was reading this line, I felt that the scene I had seen in my mind reappeared in front of me. The voice was as heroic, the gesture was as fearless, and the gold medal thrown out was as trivial, so I decided to revisit the movie.

If we put that historical background into the present, it is very inaccurate to describe our upcoming event with that line, and it is not what it used to be. And there's a very precise atmosphere that we've worked on for this event, what we've hoped to achieve and all our attempts to give meaning to this event. Can you deny that what Shangfeng thinks now is not what Cixi and Li Hongzhang (in terms of movies) thought in those days?

Just as Li Hongzhang said, Huang Feihong is just a martial artist. The martial artist will not consider what a political career means to Mr. Li, and Li Hongzhang will not consider how difficult the people's livelihood and the people's livelihood of the lower society that the martial artist is in contact with. . This is not only a gap in mutual understanding, but also a gap between people's sentiments and speeches.

Instead of discussing how to save a decaying country, and without pointing out the problems behind a country that is under this image of decay, let's take a closer look at how many repeating historical episodes are replayed in different eras.

This era is following the stages of development that the West has experienced, undergoing a painful transformation. We absorb, we "bring", we reject, and we reject, in order to take a road that no one else has ever traveled, we He is the only pioneer on this road, so every step and every fall is a big move that affects the whole body. The gain of experience and the pain of the body always go hand in hand. But the pain does not seem to attract attention, but is covered with thin mud over and over again, using unsophisticated means to "heal" our wounds. They may not think that healing a wound is an experience that is not valued by how many steps we take. When progress has become a meaningful meaning, the pain will only be covered up as a shame on the way, so we sing praises, Weiguang is bombarding the already unhealthy body in turn, this kind of mental blood is still alive. How many steps can it stimulate us to take, how many ways to walk?

What more exclamation is needed? Do we only rise for this special feature in order to regain the prestige of the Celestial Dynasty a hundred years ago for thousands of years of standing still and formidable? Tell me, when the new era begins, where did the phrase "Chinese people stand from now on" come from? Does it refer to our individual dignity and glory?

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