It's not just an action movie anymore

Providenci 2022-11-05 13:17:58

1. Comrade Huang Feihong used to wander around Guangdong, but now he went north to Beijing. The location of the location is well chosen, and at first glance, it is the north where we are flying sand and rocks. The spoken language of many supporting roles has many elements of Beijing dialect. The Lion King is an example of a co-production film. Unlike previous co-production films, the mainland only provides location and large-scale extras.
2. Zhao Tianba. This bastard is absolutely brilliant! It not only inherits the shameless tradition of the villains, but also has the scoundrels of the gangsters, plus countless close-ups of the distorted faces, which outline the face of a big gangster in the capital. It's a bit masquerading, but it's good enough.
3. Ghost feet seven. This character's appearance in the Guangdong Guild Hall is very ghostly, and the action design is very good. The scene of being bullied in Sanxiaolou, although it is very cliché, is also a classic.
4. Suspense ingredients. There are not many scenes about the assassination of Li Hongzhang by the Russians. In addition, through the language of the camera, Mr. Xu has already told the story very well, and the scenes of the Russian conspiracy are deliberately used in Russian, and there are no subtitles, which has a more conspiracy flavor. For the atmosphere, there are two very good shots - the bloody hands in the eyes of Thirteenth Aunt; the two shadows of the Russian translator chasing Thirteenth Aunt to the culvert.
5. Love conspiracy the country and the world. Everything is complete, but there are not too many action scenes. It's not bad. It's not bad.
6. A movie made by Thirteen Aunts. There are movies in movies, this idea is very good!
7. Huang Feihong's epilogue. Needless to say, this is recognized.
The final battle was too chaotic, there were lions all over the ground, and the martial arts design was not brilliant. It felt like Huang Feihong was just kicking.

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