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- You two have never seen your master's martial arts

. - We have never seen such a good figure before

, when the fat Pork Rong and the silly Ah Qi didn't change their expressions but said this line in an exaggerated tone, I almost burst out laughing.

Recently, I get off work at five o'clock every day, and then I sleep in the bed and watch nostalgic martial arts movies and TV series until midnight.

The 1990s was definitely the heyday of Hong Kong movies. various themes.

Police and bandit films include Li Xiuxian, Jianghu films include Chow Yun-fat, commercial films include Leslie Cheung, literary films include Tony Leung, comedy films include Zhou Xingxing, zombie films include Lin Zhengying, and martial arts films include Jet Li.

It's really blooming. It's hard not to feel emotional.

Rewatch the Once Upon a Time series.

My favorites are "Men Be Self-improvement", "Iron Chicken Fighting Centipede", "The Lion King's Hegemony" and "The Wind of the King".

The first three are starring Jet Li. His Huang Feihong is naturally a classic, and it is also his most proud and deeply rooted work. The trick he created is simply famous at home and abroad, killing young and old. Not to mention the protagonist Huang Feihong, even the other supporting roles have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Mo Shaocong's Liang Kuan, Zheng Zeshi's Pork Rong, Xiong Xinxin's Ghost Foot Seven, Chen Guobang's Asu, and Guan Zhilin's Thirteenth Aunt.

In "The Wind of the King", Huang Feihong was replaced by Zhao Wenzhuo. The next "Dragon City Jieba" is also starring him. But it is said that the box office of these two films was not good due to the fact that the first three films of Jet Li were in the first place. After 8 years, I felt that "The Wind of the King" was not badly shot. At the age of less than 20, Mr. Zhao wanted to play a protagonist who was so worried about the country and the people, and he had to bear the pressure of the box office. It was definitely his best effort. The most outstanding scene is the White Lion Memorial, which has a strong appeal both in terms of action and soundtrack. But "Dragon City Jieba" is not something I don't like to see. The whole movie is playing. The action is good enough, but everything is too much. Coupled with a fourteenth aunt who appeared out of nowhere, it was very unpleasant.

In addition, there is also a TV series "Once Upon a Time" starring Zhao Wenzhuo. Except for Aunt Thirteen who changed to Shao Meiqi, the other characters did not move. Although Aunt Guan's Thirteenth Aunt is regarded as a classic. But I still think Shao Meiqi's Thirteenth Aunt is both heroic and beautiful when I watch this drama then and now. Although the script is set, there are many unpleasant bridges in this character. But not enough to shake my love for her. So after watching the tragic finale, I was depressed for days.

What I want to sigh most about this drama is that Old Monster Xu is Old Monster Xu, and he can actually use the way of making movies to make serials. 8. "Eight Heavenly Kings" was really too cinematic. Those halos made my head dizzy. A few shots also reminded me of "New Dragon Inn" involuntarily.

Regardless of the movie or the TV series, the theme song of being a man of self-improvement runs through the beginning and the end. It's really heartwarming

. Actually, I think Jet Li and Huang Feihong of Zhao Wenzhuo really have their own advantages.

Jet Li's eyes were clear but worried. There are many scenes where he is alone in contemplation, and he plays Huang Feihong, who is worried about the country and the people. His Huang Feihong is not angry and arrogant, tough and bloody. Every fight is agile, agile, and neat, and seems to be done in one go.

Zhao Wenzhuo's eyebrows and eyes are gentle, his temperament is elegant, and he has a little more forbearance and restraint, which reminds people that Huang Feihong is not only a martial artist, but also a benevolent doctor. His fighting movements are more beautiful and atmospheric, and his movements are unrestrained and elegant. Different from Lee.

However, I always feel that Jet Li's charisma and quick action in action make him more suitable for Fang Shiyu, another role that has brought him to the top, compared to Huang Feihong.

And Xiao Zhao's chance is really good, a blank sheet of paper just came out and met Tsui Hark. Otherwise, I don't know how many years it will take to become famous. The handsome and extraordinary Fa Hai in the green snake is absolutely amazing. . But later he was mixed into the TV drama circle. . . This handsome little boy was basically ruined by those dramas. .

The most helpless thing in the world is that beauty is twilight. Whether it is Guan Zhilin or Shao Meiqi, Zhu Yan is old.

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