The Revolution of the Little People

Deron 2022-07-07 23:44:52

In fact, this is a story of fatherly love in turbulent times.

The title should be father's love. The so-called revolution is actually the life of the father and son, and the life of the little man.

A father and son are forced to take risks and struggles in the great torrent of the times, witness the change of an era and the pain and love it must bring, and at the same time encounter a wonderful love. This is their revolution.

The title of war and revolution actually arouses more thinking, not the revolution on the big theme, but love.

In the era of wandering, in the most fleeting era, in the most involuntary era, the personal experience, verification, questioning, and deeper thinking of love are difficult to think in today's peaceful era.

As for the evaluation of historical merits and demerits and the criticism of war, they are all clichés, so I won't go into details here, and it's not the focus of this film.

A thousand readers, a thousand Hamlets, in my humble opinion.

Just like the original intention of the male protagonist, all he wanted was to keep the boat and his son, but he was pulled to the turbulent shore.

"I don't want to watch her leave me like this. God teach me. How to say what to say to her. She's leaving me for Philly."
Where are you going?
-I have no idea.
That sailor, is he a good sailor?
-Yes, he is
Will you marry him?
-Do not. i will only marry you

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