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Cindy 2022-07-07 18:56:00

Just like the title of this film, the whole "Revolution" is filled with an epic atmosphere of majestic mountains and rivers. However, the director's cleverness is that the setting of the protagonist is absolutely anti-heroism - look at Al Pacino's wretched braids And the deliberately stooped short body, and then listen to the son Ned mocking his father's cowardice again and again. However, this character is absolutely plump by Al Pacino. Stealing life in gunpowder smoke is the reality of this film covering the body temperature of human nature. The power of family affection is completely thicker than the slogan of freedom outside the strong, the so-called "revolution", under the name The truth is just a change in ethics. I feel the power of the director's self-examination - because it takes courage to shoot a film that exposes the brutal British invasion of the United States from the perspective of a master British director, just like the father admits his cowardice in the film.

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Revolution quotes

  • Mr. McConnahay: His Lordship wants a boy - to polish his boots.

  • Daisy McConnahay: You're an Indian now, huh?

    Tom Dobb: I'm a scout - with the Army.