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Obviously, if the United States did not exist, when the world would become what it is today, we do not know.

Obviously, the Internet era led by the United States has made the world advance by leaps and bounds in the past century, which is greater than the sum of the previous thousands of years.

Think about it? It's hard to replicate.

America's contribution to the world is remarkable, no doubt about it. But Americans should not be too complacent. After all, the Internet era of the information age led by the United States did not start with blood and blood, but was realized in the world civilization, after thousands of years of farming and the industrial revolution, and various accumulations.

And today's American excellence may give it a lot of illusions. how to say? For example, if a person is successful in a certain field, or even cross-border in multiple fields, it does not mean that he is professionally successful in all fields, right? So is American excellence. It leads the world in the fields of economics, scientific research, military education, culture, etc., which does not mean that it is omnipotent. In fact, it is not as good as their politicians think in many aspects such as domestic racial issues, gun management, gender discrimination, medical security, and more serious partisanship, as well as foreign economic, trade and political exchanges, and they have handed in a lot of failed homework , which is seen by people all over the world. Just like the "Black lives matter" that is surging in the United States today

As mentioned earlier, American excellence is difficult to replicate. But the United States itself did not realize it. Take Iraq used in the film as an example. The United States says that it is not like the former colonial powers, which plundered the wealth of other countries through occupation. It is true that the United States did not steal Iraqi land. As for the oil that has never been coveted in Iraq, and the cultural relics of its ancient civilization, it is not clear?

But it is very clear that the United States has shattered the national order in Iraq. It has been almost 20 years since the United States overthrew Saddam's regime. Iraq still has no peace, no order, and no security, let alone a prosperous and peaceful life. Wouldn't that hurt less than colonization?

The United States is full of confidence in promoting its democratic free will in the world, hoping to assimilate other countries. Most of the methods of operation aim to overthrow the existing regimes of other countries, so as to support a political party recognized by them to come to power, which is prone to the chaos of "saving" but "harming". The world has seen the heavy losses of the injured countries.

The United States has forcibly exported politics under the name of its own Xiao Jiujiu, hurting other countries without self-examination. How scary, "I don't know what's wrong" is really scary.

The United States is a country that is mixed with joy and sorrow. This country is uncomfortable without an imaginary enemy, and the world it leads is a different world from the previous thousands of years, but the United States wants to follow the diplomatic concepts and economic and trade concepts of thousands of years?

In this extremely developed, extremely technologically and extremely balanced world, we can actually change our minds. For example, friendship is better than hatred, and cooperation is better than confrontation.

Of course American politicians may not believe it, but the facts are there. The United States destroyed peace in the "Middle East" and gave birth to terrorism, and then the 9/11 terrorist attacks hit the United States. The United States said that Hong Kong was violently beaten, smashed and burned, and the chaos of Hong Kong is a beautiful landscape. Now the protests and demonstrations of black Americans in the United States have made the United States see the scenery blooming everywhere in the states.

At the turning point of this unusually chaotic era, should the United States reflect on it?

Don't make another mistake. God bless and watch you after all - America.

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