It's really different from watching when I was a child and watching when I grew up.

Tracy 2022-10-02 14:38:39

No one surpassed Huang Feihong who watched Jet Li as a child! Guan Zhilin is so beautiful! Mo Shaocong is clever! Love tiger oil nonsense.

Looking at it again today, there is still no one who surpasses the super-beautiful and super-smart! In one of the sections, the Russians planned to assassinate Li Hongzhang in the Lion King Tournament to prepare for Russia to launch a war of aggression against China. Aunt Thirteen accidentally discovered this conspiracy on the camera and told Huang Feihong. In the end, Huang Feihong failed in the assassination after everyone's efforts. The Russians killed their own people to silence them, and then told the Chinese that it was a Japanese spy and blamed Japan for the crime. people. Hahaha, what exactly is Tsui Hark trying to say! ? Don't think that only the Japanese coveted our land, and there are so many wolf ambitions who want to get a piece of the pie from our country.

Especially the last paragraph of Huang Feihong: The so-called brave person is fearless, and the benevolent person is invincible; the most important thing to practice martial arts and strengthen one's body is to combine wisdom and courage. If the wisdom of the people cannot be broadened, and only hands and feet are required, how can the country be prosperous and the people strong?

Huang Feihong's lion head also has a lot of background, it is the famous Li Jiashi.

A classic is a classic, I will continue to chase dramas...

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