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"Zhongtang, Ding Ruchang has sent a letter to urge Yinzi again, saying that the two main battleships of our Beiyang Navy, Dingyuan (number) and Zhenyuan (number), have old-style gun emplacements, Jingyuan (number) and Laiyuan (number) The tail gun is still needed, and Weiyuan (number) must replace the new Krupp breech gun..."

Interrupted by Li Zhongtang: "Oh...". Continue to eat without getting tired of fines, and never get tired of eating fines.

"My lord, the news that Japan has formulated a national policy to conquer Qing has been confirmed. The specific steps of the Japanese, the first step is to capture Korea, as a springboard for attacking the mainland of Qing, and the second step is to occupy Taiwan and control Southeast Asia. area, and then…”

Interrupted by Master Li: "Got it...". Continue to be slow and deliberate.

"Reporting Zhongtang, the governor of Huguang, and the minister of Nanyang, Zhang Zhidong, put on the book. The Hanyang Iron Works, which was built under the supervision of the French, has already produced iron, costing a total of 2.8 million official silver. The book on Zhang Zhidong said, ' Since then, I have been in the Qing Dynasty, military production, railway construction, and even my new Beiyang Merchants Steamship can be supplied by his Hanyang Iron Works to supply pig iron, ensuring that the supply will continue for decades." Beiyang one end..."

Li Zhongtang said impatiently, "... Okay, let's go down!". Pour tea and rinse your mouth, then eat and drink fine.

"My lord, the British called. The ironclad ship customized by the Beiyang Navy is almost completed, but this money..."

Interrupted by Master Li's servant: "Master, Master, the parrot who is going to pay tribute to the Queen Mother has not eaten or drank for more than a day!"

Master Li stopped the cup and cast: "Ah!".

The servant continued: "The color of the feces is also a bit wrong!"

Master Li turned his eyes and met the servant. He couldn't eat, so he coughed.

Li Zhongtang is a person who has been the third division of the Eastern Palace and even the Grand Scholar of the Wenhua Palace. When he read Xin Qiji's "Shuidiao Getou: Renzi Sanshan was called by Chen Duanren to do things at the dinner table", he must have also recited "Human World" In everything, nothing is ever more important than Mount Tai".


Beiyang Navy, a trivial matter; Japanese intelligence, a trivial matter; Hanyang Iron Works, a trivial matter, parrots do not eat or drink, it is a major matter.

It's a parrot who wants to pay tribute to the queen mother.

Calling "Master Li" is useless, calling "Li Zhongtang" is useless, calling "Master Zhongtang" is useless, just calling "Master" is useless.

Master of Heaven and Earth.

The heavens and the earth are carried, the king is the top, the unpredictable power of the heavens, the personal is the bottom, and the load is carried by one force. There is no teacher, because if there is a teacher, there will be friends, and if there are friends, there will be a party.

However, if the sovereign is in his position and does not seek his political affairs, and his servants are on his side for personal gain and fraud, then he can only take great risks, plan his own plans, plan the family plans, plan the country plans, describe the succession of teachers, build guild halls, and run political parties.


I still remember the old man Gong talking about his life in the golden building, saying that there are three things in his life, and the last thing is to promote the northern boxer to go south to pass on his art. It should be the eighteenth year of the people.

Before that, there were also southern boxers who went north to become famous and spread their art.

Long before Wing Chun Chen Shi and Master Chen went north to Tianjin to become famous, Master Huang Feihong Huang, also from Foshan, went further and went north to Beijing to become famous, because in that year, the Empress Dowager Cixi decided to hold a lion festival in order to promote the prestige of the country. King Contest.

Beiquan is passed on from the south, and Nanquan is passed on from the north. Quan has no north and south, and the country is still divided into north and south.


A tyrant in the southern country, Huang Shilang.

In the northern country, in Beijing, Zhao Tianba's family dominates.

Sanxiaolou has had three night banquets.

When Master Huang Feihong first arrived in the capital, he visited the wharf and hosted a banquet for everyone. He was familiar with the situation. After all, he was someone who had been affected by the west wind. When everyone was at a loss, Master Huang suggested that everyone jointly sign a letter, and most of the people around him smiled bitterly. As for the reason for the wry smile, it's just that he has experienced the bureaucratic style of the government and the falsehood and guilt. This is one of the three smiles.

Zhao Tianba's Daping Lions team roared and robbery, with open guns and dark arrows, no matter how glorious or not, they grabbed the top prize and overturned all the lion teams in the four halls, eight clubs and sixteen halls of the capital. Zhao Tianba applauded them. He also packaged Sanxiao Lou, threatening that as long as he can go upstairs and call "Papa", he will definitely get a red envelope, and he looks like a tyrannical man.

The head of the coachman on Xi'anmen Street, called Ghost Foot Seven, used to be a thug under Zhao Tianba's tyrant, but now he is disabled. It's time to go upstairs and get him a red envelope. In fact, whether to get the red envelope or not is the second thing. Going upstairs, despite being handicapped, you have to find a job in front of the overlord. You have to make the overlord look up to you, and you have to let the brothers call yourself "Seventh Brother". It's a pie on the rivers and lakes!

However, after all, he couldn't go up to this building. The so-called wall was pushed down by everyone, and the drum was beaten by thousands of people. When I thought that he was invincible, there were still people who couldn't make it out. The new generation replaced the old with hatred. People, there will always be someone who will come forward, without the ghost feet seven, there are big kings and little kings, the overlord is still the overlord, and the money is thrown out, there are people who sacrifice their lives, and there is no shortage of his ghost feet seven. Ghost Foot Seven, who was lying on the ground eating dirt, listened to the high and low scolding around him. The harshest sound was the sneer of the overlord, right? This is the second of three smiles.

There are four hegemons in the capital, why is Zhao Tianba's family so dominant? This man has a way.

If you fight, if you win, you will be swallowed up; if you can't win, you will make peace.

For example, if he couldn't beat Master Huang, he set up Hetou wine in Sanxiaolou, poisoned the wine, poured his Daping tung oil upstairs, and hung a net outside the building and downstairs. , the sleepy will also be sleepy Huang Feihong. You can see him playing the license plate outside the building and upstairs, and the manic laughter that the show cares about, as if he is sitting on the throne. This is the third laugh of the three laughs.


At the foot of the emperor, there are many guild halls, such as the Nanhai Guild Hall in Mi Shi Hutong, the Liuyang Guild Hall in the northern half of the alley, etc. Therefore, when Master Huang Qiying heard the reports from his children that someone kicked the hall, he scolded them: "Fool, We are the Guangdong Guild Hall, not the Martial Arts Hall!"

There is a plaque on the Guangdong Guild Hall, "The Lion of Guangdong". Mr. Huang Qiying, while putting the finishing touches on the newly created Cantonese lion, taught his children through the techniques of Cantonese lion: "The circle has three-point angles, the smile is seven-pointed, with tiger eyes on both cheeks, and the top of the forehead is tattooed to the sky, this lion is Guan Yunchang... …”

Yes, Guan Yunchang. August 21, 2020, Mainland China, "Eight Hundred".

Shanghai, Suzhou River, Sihang Warehouse, and Hubei soldiers returned the repaired shadow puppets to Qi Jiaming, a soldier from Shandong province.

Dragon Boat Festival is puzzled: "Other people's shadow puppets are Guan Yunchang, yours, why is Zhao Zilong?"

Qi Jiaming replied solemnly: "Master Guan, it is about brotherhood; Zhao Zilong is different, he protects the country!"

Master Guan, it is about brotherhood.

Huang Qiying, Huang Feihong and his son, for a bully like Zhao Tianba, they are really a father and son soldier!

Thirteen aunt Shaoyun is the god sister of Master Huang Qiying, Master Huang Feihong is the son of Master Huang Qiying, Shaoyun and Feihong are in love, isn't Feihong the god brother-in-law of Master Huang Qiying and Huang? Therefore, for a vicious tiger like Zhao Tianba, it is really a real brother of the tiger!


Where is the Qing Dynasty going? For example, many male lion warriors are kept in captivity to fight in their dens and fight for hegemony with lion kings.

With such a large empire, the Qing Empire and the Russian Empire are so similar, should Russia be the teacher?

According to such a narrow strip of water, the same clan and the same origin, the Han nationality, the Yamato nationality, how similar, should Japan be the teacher?

According to the success of the king and the defeat of the bandit, the winner is the king, the same lion empire, how similar, should Ying be the teacher?

Teachers, so preaching and teaching karma to solve doubts.

But looking at Ding Ruchang's letter, why are the two most advanced Beiyang Navy's most advanced battleships, Dingyuan (number) and Zhenyuan (number), built under the supervision of the British master, but the old-fashioned gun emplacements?

But since I have worshipped the Japanese master, why has the news that Japan formulated a national policy to conquer the Qing Dynasty, which was rumored a few days ago, has been confirmed?

Parrots don't eat, drink or learn their tongues, what are we still doing here?

Being pressed by the beautiful and generous Thirteenth Aunt who had returned from studying abroad in the West, a person as measured as Master Huang started to get angry: "This is useful, that is useful, this has to be learned, and that has to be learned, everything is useful! It sounds like I'm behind!"

It turns out that Iraqis were selling anxiety a hundred years ago.

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