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Individual life reflects melodious history, revolution incarnates love and forgiveness

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The screenwriter is cleverly conceived (and classic enough), and the legendary fate and mental journey of the little people participating in the war complemented the war process, figuratively reproduced the historical trend of thought at that time (depicted the spiritual world of the people at that time, and justified the revolution): civilians were involved in the war , has never been an ideal concept of superiority, and arduous and tenacious victory can only come from justice, self-improvement and struggle; however, whether it is a loser or a winner, the cost of this method invented by human beings is too high. In the face of the cruelty of war, human life seems to be How fragile; the weak and new students can still learn to love and forgive even in the midst of war and slaughter, grow up, and gradually become independent of the world. Entering a new cycle... The individual's small life story also plays melodious music like the lonely hill in the trenches and the wild bagpipes.

Pacino's piercing, fixed, almost empty eyes are suitable for great change and suffering and tenacity. The close-up performance of the child on the brink of death is very convincing. The work of his younger years, and the soulful monologue, the voice-over runs through the whole film.

The account of the fighting forms, social interests, social and financial industries, different classes, diplomatic situations, etc. at that time has a lot of information for understanding history, and also helps to perceptually understand the hearts of the characters in the play.

Although it seems that the routine of this film is very classic now, this is a work from the 80s and Pacino was so young (the fourth star given by the hand that just released). . In addition, the space is limited, and we need to describe the abstract situation with perceptual details. Naturally, it is inevitable that there will be stereotypes and partial generalization problems in characterization. It should be known that this is a two-hour industrial product, not one in the boudoir of a great writer. An encyclopedia that can reproduce the era in a dazzling manner that can be produced by the mind. Many details are not used for you to scrutinize and still feel tight and convincing, but to convince you who are watching the film for the first time in the shortest time and win your feelings. Yes - there must be a trade-off. And there are one or two places in the film that deal with the middle gray area, so it's acceptable.

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