I really want to be the biggest supplier of the most powerful capital in Laos and America (manual squinting)

Darius 2022-09-18 14:47:04

If it weren't for the comical use of "one-sided examples to mislead" by the first half of the author to prove that others' "one-sided examples to mislead" were wrong, I think it might not have exposed the film's hidden scheming earlier.
Another one-star review listed many other sides of the film that were deliberately "forgotten" in the first half of the film. You can check it out, it's really good!
Every single event expressed in this film exists, but due to the author's deliberate selection and arrangement, many conclusions that are in line with the author's intentions are deduced.
If the previous historical question still has sophistication, then its glorification of capitalism and foreign hegemony is too lame to complain...
[The following content is messy, please turn around quickly until you are dizzy and then come back to see]
Take Apple as an example. Could it be that the company that Occupy Wall Street claims to represent the 99% of the United States is most disgusted by Apple? You must know that foundries and parts suppliers are the ones who distribute the least profit in the value of Apple's products. Most of these companies are not in the United States. Apple's jobs in the United States only account for 5% of its global employees. Are you Americans anxious to protest?
Even if you were squeezed by apples in the US, these people are still stupid! What are you doing to protest against Apple going to Wall Street to march? How good is it to go in front of Apple? Or go to his product launch to protest! Isn't it every year? It is definitely the best place to protest against Apple with so many media present! Going to a place like Wall Street where the poor live to protest against Apple is really stupid. How many people who open a company on Wall Street can afford an iPhone?
No wonder the American media stopped arguing about human rights after being rudely treated by the police. It turned out that the American media thought they were too stupid, so they judged that they must be terrorists without human rights!
It is also possible that they really went to the Apple conference to protest, but our national media has a red heart to protect the United States, so every time there is a large-scale protest against Apple, our media does not report it at all in order to maintain the good image of the United States? Then the American media also dared not report it because it was bought by Apple! Well, this is very possible!
If Apple is a big company after all, and most of us don't know how much energy such a big company has behind the scenes... Then, what is the reason for taking a hamburger seller as an example? Could it be that the most powerful capitalist in America is the owner of that burger joint?
Please kind people who can tell me how to get to the "Hamburgers & San Marco Coffee" in the video, my big vegetable garden has received ten kilograms of peppers and dozens of kilograms of onions to sell, I plan to contact and see if I can work with this American The most powerful capitalists establish business relationships!
Well, let me figure it out, if I sell this year's peppers and onions to the most powerful capitalist in the United States, it should be the biggest deal in American history, right? Ouch, such a large amount of foreign exchange has caused trouble for the country again. Well, let's buy dozens of planes directly with the transaction price...
Forget the dream crash of Boeing. It is said that occasionally the battery spontaneously ignites and the engine Icing, fuselage cracks and other faults are randomly selected to improve the safety awareness of passengers... I don't want to exercise safety awareness, even if you temporarily add a few iron shells for repairs? The ghost knows what happens to the cheap goods after they are improved, and the whole world will be grounded if there is nothing? Anyway, I heard that your Boeing employees deliberately do not take this type of flight when they go out? Must let them re-develop for me! If they dare not, I will let the owner of my partner burger shop lobby the government to collect taxes from Boeing! Don't think that you Boeing has been relying on its small scale to avoid taxes on the street. I don't know! Don't mess with me, I am the largest upstream supplier of the largest capital company in the United States, be careful that I will cut off the economic lifeline of your country and block the normal operation of your social economy! I can displace your people all over the country without spending a single bullet!
What about the global export of economic ideas and political systems? Author, why don't you dare to say which countries are all imported? How many of these countries are now living a good life? What do I think you say as if the Washington Consensus succeeded? Could it be that I traveled through space and came to a special parallel time and space? Although many things look similar to my original Earth, many things are actually the exact opposite of my original Earth? It turns out that in this opposite world, the export of economic ideas and political systems of the old and the United States has made those countries successful? Oh buy Karma! Let me turn twice to calm down! Wait, friends, what do you call the planet you are on? The planet that my original world was on was called "Earth". Could your planet be called "Earth", does it mean that everything can be said in reverse?
Oh, I mentioned China this time, want to count China's economic success as your head? Whoops, I don't know who is saying that China's economic concept is not in line with your old and American economic concept every day, so they set up hurdles for us everywhere, sometimes criticizing our monetary policy, sometimes criticizing our industrial policy, we are not allowed to do this, we are not allowed to do it. That. You don't take us with you in your various organizational activities. We managed to organize a party and you made a bad face to let others leave. How did you suddenly get credit for our economic success? Could it be that setting up hurdles and making things difficult is your means of helping others? Our economic model that does not conform to your ideals turned out to be spread by you? This is really news!
Hey, Japan's economy has been stagnant for more than 20 years. It turned out that it has developed well, and it is amazing. If it has been developing well for the past 20 years, can it overwhelm you? Those "media scholars" always like to analyze some economic phenomenon, and they deduce it over and over again. Every time they say they want to solve the mystery, they solve it again and again... I don't think that the mystery can be solved just by looking at Japan's domestic economy. Who can guarantee that? There is no other influence behind the scenes to become what it is now? I'm really not sure... Although I hate Japan in terms of history, I don't think the Japanese are all fools, and they can't help themselves when they are idle for more than 20 years.
Free trade Oh? Lao Hou wants to exchange oil for euros, can't he? Is it to be sentenced to death? Euros are not money, right? You are not allowed to sell the oil you have the property right?
Also beautify the war, alas, take other people's back to others to prove that you are noble? You are noble, but tell the truth, where did Laohou offend you? You did use planes to distribute food, but you still use planes to kill civilians for fun! You can explain the videos and records of the shooting of civilians...
[As for the criticism of Obama and Hillary, that is the author's true purpose] There is nothing wrong with criticizing them. It seems to have a sense of justice, but I dare not go To put it more deeply, if you have the ability, can you talk about the activities between American insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals? Let's reveal what's inside the Special interests...
The reason why you don't dare to say anything is because you don't dare to offend these powerful groups. It is necessary to skip and mention only the fault of the hostile politicians and ignore the problems of other interest groups!
Under the banner of a documentary, shouting the slogan that glorifies the American spirit, how can you just fool around like this? Not only is there no starting material, but it is also hidden... It's
an insult to documentaries and the people who really do documentaries!
[Forget it, it’s boring to say too much, just make it clear that the author intends to guide. The above content is messy. If you want to deepen your understanding, please rotate it a few times after reading it. ]
To sum up the theme of the author of this film is "America is good no matter what, many of those who criticize the United States are bad, but the worst is that there are a few politicians who are particularly bad, everyone wipes it out. Bright eyes clean them up with me, we represent justice!"
Rub! The word "justice" is about to be turned into a sign of "low-level political lies" by these stinky political shit...
I think this is a [[[A rotten film made for brainwashing and fighting]] ], the argument is really lame.
"Peripheral political struggles" are just like that. Dogs bite dogs, and there are only two types of people involved. One is deceived and brainwashed, and the other is specially deceived and brainwashed.
Note that these two types of people refer to quarrels on the periphery, don't put it on people in the inner circle and then come to me and ask me, the inner circle struggle represents various interests, like the author of this movie is only a tool level... …
And we ordinary people, just have a long experience and watch the excitement!

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