Can you stop kidnapping innocent people in the name of patriotism?

Junior 2022-08-21 16:13:16

The first time I saw this movie, I remember that it was a dubbed film that was broadcast on the Central 1 at night many years ago. At that time, I was still young. Although I didn’t understand it very well, I could at least intuitively feel that the revolution was quite turbulent. Qu, the whole process of the father and son of the protagonist having a bunch of shameless people even intimidating and flicking them into a thief boat in the name of patriotism and serving as cannon fodder for the innocent in the war. Being sent away by the authorities like throwing away old and dirty rags, my heart is disgusting and uncomfortable, and I almost wring out the water. Whoever the protagonist provokes, must suffer from this bird's anger!
Later, when I was a little older and watched this film again, I realized that I was in the great torrent of history. The value of "Patriot" is so strong that it is not a star, I don't understand how this film suffered a box office waterloo that year, and the audiences and film critics in Europe and the United States are blind? ! The Yankees drive away the British, and the means they use are not all so glamorous. Underneath the bright and beautiful appearance, there is also hidden filth, and it is interesting to say that they are so tall?

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