"Little England": Destined love tragedy, beautiful and romantic

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"Little England" is directed by Pandori Fogari, who is in his seventies, after the late Greek director Angelopoulos, known as the No.1 director in Greece. Continuing the slow, quiet and restrained style of the Greek master movie style, the story is told slowly.

This beautiful and poignant love story takes place on the beautiful Greek island of Andros in the 1930s. A pair of sisters like flowers and jade fell in love with the sailor Spiros at the same time. This handsome man with a mustache looks a bit like Dali. His temperament is uninhibited and wild, and he is the type that makes women fall in love at first sight. . Sister Osa secretly promised Spiros when she was 12 years old, and he also fell in love with her at first sight. The two made a vow of love early, secretly vowing that when they grow up, they must get married and live happily forever. together.

The sisters' father, who was also a sailor, died in an accident at sea. The widowed mother raised her two daughters hard. Sadly, she made up her mind that this kind of pain will never be passed on to her next generation. If she is a sailor's wife, she is destined to become a survivor. For women at home, the focus of life is to wait for the return of the man at sea. Time and time again, all kinds of accidents are inevitable, and the daughters are likely to repeat her mistakes. The seeds of tragedy were planted from the very beginning. The mother sternly and resolutely warned her daughter: "Don't marry a sailor, don't marry the person you love, love will die, life is the key, a woman's best not to marry the man she loves so that his departure will not make you too much. too sad".

Pity the world's parents, a well-meaning mother is good for her daughter, but her daughter's heart already belongs to the man she loves. But because of the tragedy that happened to her, in order not to let her daughter suffer any more, she intervened forcefully and forced her daughter to marry a rich local captain. Well, not a sailor, but a captain. In the closed environment at that time, in those days, as a daughter, Osa had no choice but to obey her mother's orders and was forced to marry someone she didn't love. The wedding banquet is gorgeous, the guests are chatting and laughing, and the cups are staggered. Osa is dressed in a pure white wedding dress with exquisite lace. is so deep. In this way, her life changed forever.

The camera cuts to Spiros sailing on the sea, when he learns that the woman he loves is married, his anger is written on his face, he gritted his teeth, his face was deformed, he slammed his fist on the table, outside the boat , On the sea, the waves are turbulent and the waves are rolling, symbolizing the huge shock and anger and sadness in his heart at the moment.

Good luck and unpredictable world events, a few years later, Spiros also made it through his own efforts, he bought a large freighter worth 92,000 pounds, named "Little England" (also the source of the film's title) ), he married Osa's sister, Mosca. The furthest distance in the world is: the person I love is by my side, but I can't say I love her. Since then, they have lived under the same roof, one pair lives upstairs and one pair lives downstairs, and they meet as coldly as strangers.

Misfortune finally happened, Spiros was killed when they went to sea together, "Little England" sank, and the night came with bad news. My sister, who had suppressed her emotions for more than ten years, could no longer restrain her inner love and grief when she heard the news that Spiros had sent the crew to the lifeboat and died, and burst into tears: "My love, Spiros!" , From now on, she can't care about anything, and it doesn't matter. She has been suppressed for more than ten years, and the outbreak is huge. Close-up slow-motion close-up of horror and grief after hearing the bad news, the actress performed well, she slowly opened her mouth, at first showing a smiley face, and then slowly, tears slowly slipped from the corners of her eyes little by little , until the tears flowed into rivers, and the whole face was distorted. The heroine expresses Osa's inner world vividly at this moment. Compared with the calm and restrained tone of the whole film, this scene is quite shocking, direct to the heart, and the impact is very powerful.

It was not only her sister Osa who was impacted, she was completely unaware, the innocent sister Mosjia was full of grief and anger. She had no idea that the person next to her pillow did not love her at all, but loved another woman, or her sister. , and their mother, who was equally grief-stricken, who loved them, and who at the same time ruined the happiness of her two daughters, grief, remorse, and self-blame; and equally grief-stricken and shocked by Osa's husband, who turned out to be his beloved wife Never loved him, her heart never belonged to him. At this time, the atmosphere created by the film is even more sad, gloomy and helpless. Everyone is a tragedy, everyone is unfortunate, it is God's will to trick people, and their fate is unfair.

Osa, the once beautiful, was broken, she fell ill, and she muttered to herself every day, holding the letters that her lover Spiros wrote to her wherever she went on the voyage, she clings like a baby On the chest, refused to let go.

I can't help but think that not long after the opening of the film, Osa was wearing a beautiful gauze dress in pine and cypress green to meet her beloved. Holding hands, they stared at each other affectionately, and Spiros said, "When I come back, I'm going to marry you, and we're going to be together forever." Osa bowed his head, smiled in the corners of his eyes, and nodded shyly. Recalling the good old days is so heartbreaking, but the good times of the past can only be recalled.

The film reflects the tragedy of women in an era from the life tragedy of the mother and daughter, with a strong sense of fate. Each of us is pushed forward by fate, love sometimes wants to resist, but is powerless and can only be at the mercy of it, life is not always as you wish, no matter sadness, happiness, loss, possession, as long as you are still alive , you have to endure it and take it.

The blue waters of Andros Island kept rolling and whistling, like the wails of those unfortunate people, did you hear it?

The director used 132 minutes to tell the story of the girl Osa from the beginning of her love affair to her quiet and lonely death. The only conflicting point in the whole story appeared in the front. When the news of Spiros' death was sent back, Osa broke out from the silence, venting and crying "Spiros". Pyrrhus, the love of my life!" Then the sister got into a hysterical scuffle with Osa when she learned of the "adultery between her husband and her sister". In addition, Osa spent his whole life in forbearance and passively accepting the arrangement of fate (mother).

Although Riosa just had an indifferent expression for most of the film, the suppressed emotion in her heart stirred again and again with the joyful sound from upstairs every night. And the audience followed Osa through an unforgettable love until the news of Spiros' death broke. Since then, Osa has become a soulless husk, refusing treatment and aging rapidly until she dies alone and quietly. And her changes also made her mother, father, and sister fall into deep and painful self-blame.
In fact, in this story, everyone is a victim. This was a tragedy that was bound to happen under the social background at that time, but people might be able to guess the result, but they were powerless to change it. Especially in such a small island in the Aegean Sea full of romance and love, this story happened so naturally, it was heart-wrenching.
"Little England" is undoubtedly a very competitive film in this year's Golden Goblet Awards, directed by the famous Greek director Pandori Fogari. The film, adapted from the novel "Jasmine Island", has received rave reviews since its release in 2013, and has also been screened at several international film festivals. The performance of the two sisters in the film was praised by the director. Pandoli also emphasized that "they are all freshmen who have just graduated from the Greek Film Academy." Among them, the actor of Osa was surrounded by the audience and took a group photo after the film was shown. She admitted that the most difficult thing for Osa's role to play is not silence or explosion, but how to die quietly and alone, "The director of this section is very demanding. , although there are no special movements and expressions, it is the most difficult inner drama to express."

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