A family ethics drama under the decoration of the times

Stuart 2022-10-25 20:17:47

Unlike "Weeping Prairie" (or such films as "Little Home" and "Peace Wheel"), Angelopoulos's personal tragedy is a needlepoint of the tragedy of the times, and Fogari is decorated with the tragedy of the times. Let's take a look at the inner quality of family ethics drama. See you all. As far as the family ethics drama is concerned, the heroine frowns from the beginning of the development department to the end, flat and straightforward, not unfolding, not backtracking, not using the advantages of her own film language to manipulate time and space to excavate the inner character of the characters, but only stop to show the emotional representation of the heroine , really sorry. At the end, I tried to complete the reversal with the only interlude, but the passion of watching has long been exhausted by the dullness of nearly two hours. So, this film, only the long beauty is left. Generally, films named after small place names have the characteristics of family ethics dramas, such as "Manchester by the Sea", the place name is like a curse hoop, the fate of the characters is locked here, and the waves of love and hate are in the eternal place. The spiritual light in the middle is bleak, and the circle is still at the original point. This is tragedy.

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