More beautiful than love is the sea of ​​Greece

Kade 2022-10-25 16:47:24

Greek movies. The plot is very Qiong Yao drama. This kind of story will appear in the middle and early part of the last century. Later, the two sisters are either half-sisters, or separated from childhood.

The male protagonist is very un-Greek in appearance. In my impression, Greek men are Spanoris (Yao Ming's teammate in the Rockets) and Papastathopoulos (Dortmund player). The male and female protagonists are unremarkable and a bit passersby. Compared with the real Greek woman, the impression of the goddess Athena makes people wonder if Athena was born in Greece. And Helen, the most beautiful woman who caused the Trojan War, is not as good as Athena in her portrait. Well, when it comes to beautiful men, Italians are more eye-catching, and of course there are many beautiful women there.

It is the most painful thing in life for the heroine to sleep alone every night.

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