The truth that cannot be ignored

Krista 2022-07-11 13:25:49

We are always looking for reality that is different from the world in movies, and we always want to find some dreams in movies that we can't realize. However, this film is no longer the action, gunfight, politics, ethics, etc. that I am passionate about.
Heavy, perhaps bloody truth, I know very well that there are too many plots in the middle, we can't turn a blind eye. Far beyond the reach of the imagination are the brutal deals that take place every day in some corners of the world. The greatness and numbness of human nature; the annihilation and ascension of hope... The naked human transaction is carried out every day around us, every day; how do we choose? Turn a blind eye, or seek justice.
Transactions exist because of needs. To stop the source of transactions is to abandon these needs. These needs should not exist in the first place. These are just the inevitable costs that should be recorded on the road of human exploration of civilization. In today's prosperity of civilization, I hope he disappears forever.
Maybe it's heavy, maybe the pain is always there, maybe it's just a momentary heart like a knife, but I still hope that we who have a comfortable life can insist on watching this film, even if you hate politics, ethics, society, violence, etc. wait wait wait.
Just because this is the reality that cannot be ignored.

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  • Helena: Just hearing Sergei's voice used to make me nauseous. But then, you know, we were in the same room, talking. And despite all this hell he put me through, you know... I would catch myself almost forgetting who he was.

    Kate Morozov: The devil's not without his charms.

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