Human Trafficking

Daphney 2022-07-11 15:12:46

Well, I watched the 3-episode mini-series version. When I watched it, it felt like an edited version of a movie (the usual practice in European and American countries is to make a movie and edit it into an episode version, or vice versa). ).

The 2005 drama, a total of 3 episodes, looked at the rating warning provided by some people on the Internet, I thought there would be some too exciting plot scenes, but after watching 3 episodes, I think it's okay. This is a work that calls for cracking down on the criminal industry chain of human trafficking, so it is bound to be handled more strictly in some violent pornographic scenes. This is the case for this type of work, and the reason is very simple. The theme of "calling for the fight against the criminal industry of human trafficking" is closer, and cannot use too curious lenses. Second, in order to highlight the theme of this kind of drama, the violent pornography can only be compromised in certain ways, because it cannot give too strong a crime-inducing element, and cannot let the curious element occupy the theme, that is, go away General direction to fight crime. Third, in order to take care of the actors, this is normal. Some actors in the drama play the role of minor sex slaves. Naturally, a drama series with the theme of fighting crime in a general direction cannot be carried out in a way that is too curious and too exciting for the audience. shoot.

Everything has advantages and disadvantages. Like globalization, the advantage is that countries in the world can promote cultural, economic and political development. The disadvantage is that the cost of fighting crime is getting higher and higher. Like the story in the play, it mainly starts from the United States ?? (North America), Mexico (North America), Ukraine (Europe), the Czech Republic (Europe), and the Philippines (Asia), from the United States ?? ICE agent Kate discovered a series of The Eastern European girl suicide case began to be investigated, and then to the perspective of the victim, the victim's parents, and non-official non-official aid organizations, and finally to the criminal's perspective, and the multi-perspective overlapped the development of the plot. Since then, the criminal industry chain of human trafficking across North America, Europe, and Asia has emerged. gradually surfaced.

In fact, there are a lot of works about the elements of human trafficking, but there are not many works like this drama as the core. I remember that two years ago, I watched a movie against human trafficking, and when I saw the picture of this drama I just remembered the wind. It was around this time two years ago that I watched a 10-year-old multi-national film "The Whistleblower". This film was even more brutal. It was adapted from a real case and involved the issue of corruption within the United Nations. And in the end it didn't end.

On the other hand, in this "Human Trafficking" TV series, the ending, ICE agent Kate infiltrated the criminal group undercover, and finally the ICE agent and the local police in Newark shot and killed the leader of the criminal group, and the victim's father also successfully saved his own minor. 's daughter, she is half a Happy End.

This drama shows how the human trafficking criminal group operates inside, using the method of recruiting models by brokerage companies to trick some girls (some minors) who want to be models who are dreaming of the American dream ??, on the streets of the Philippines, they even The blatant kidnapping on the street, and what's worse, the local police have Dirty Cop, as does Mexico, so the fate of these girls can be imagined. This makes it more difficult to fight crime (these parts of the plot are just a brushstroke, because the details are too sensitive to be filmed).

In order to make money, the leader of the criminal group even came up with the idea of ​​Porn, and let the victim shoot Porn. Là, here is a reminder to the viewers watching Porn, pay attention to identify whether the Porn you are watching is legal? If not, report it immediately, I think viewers abroad know what to do!

Plot/crime/suspense, 75 points of medium level works, minors under the age of 18 are not suitable to watch, minors under the age of 18 who want to watch must meet the minimum viewing age threshold of 15 years old, children under the age of 15 are prohibited from watching, over 15 years old , Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by adult parents to watch (grading warning)!

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