human destruction

Deanna 2022-07-11 18:44:01

This film combines humanity and reality. The girls who were raped in the
film are undoubtedly destroyed by the hypocrisy of human desires.

I still remember that little girl who was locked in a cargo box and still tried to embrace those who leaked through the gaps. Sunshine..and
that Ukrainian girl..beautiful she wanted to be a model..but she was forced to be a sex slave..and
that single mother, she loved her daughter so much but didn't even see her for the last time... that sweet little girl.. they are
all toys for men to vent.. they abuse them like animals
..It's ridiculous and sad that adult males are so dirty for their own desires..sometimes

life is not fair, maybe it's never been fair..because
there are too many bad people and people who do anything for their own gain Insensitive pedestrians...

But as long as there are people who are brave and righteous like the policewoman and go for perfection, freedom, equality, helping others, punishing bad people, and rescuing victims..
There is still salvation in this world...

don't be like me, think Saving the world is just talking about it, and even your own destiny can't be changed...

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Human Trafficking quotes

  • Helena: Just hearing Sergei's voice used to make me nauseous. But then, you know, we were in the same room, talking. And despite all this hell he put me through, you know... I would catch myself almost forgetting who he was.

    Kate Morozov: The devil's not without his charms.

  • Helena: Do you think it's possible, when you have lost your humanity, to ever find it again?

    Kate Morozov: Yes, I do. But it's yours to find. No one can take it away from you. Not one man, not a hundred.