Confidence and arrogance

Abigail 2022-07-11 12:58:29

On the one hand, the handsome guy you meet in a tourist destination may be just a romantic exotic, on the other hand, it may be a trafficker with ulterior motives towards you. The movie "Human Trafficking" reflects the different types of movies that pay attention to different aspects of society.

What irritated me the most was that American chauvinism was too obvious in the female police officer. What self-confidence, obviously is arrogance. During the whole case handling, her ambition clearly surpassed humanitarianism, and she had to move closer to humanitarianism. When Roof Appeal told his story, he obviously carried a superior and sentimental petty bourgeoisie mood. Compared with these girls, her own affairs are nothing, why move these hurt people. It's the female reporter who is really doing it.

When the female police officer was pretending to be an Eastern European woman, his brother told her that except for the overconfidence in his eyes that he looked like an American, everything else was similar. Charming curly hair, heavy make-up, the difference between a beautiful woman and an American woman is self-confidence -- or arrogance?

Although the whole film is pointed out at the end-the United States is the country with the greatest demand for human trafficking, and calls on everyone to resist this demand. However, the crime of the whole film is to speak Russian foreigners, and there is no need to film the dirty needs of American soil. This is good, and the responsibility is completely pushed.

The most disgusting part of the whole film is at this time. The lines say that the United States will compensate these girls. Female police officer issues U.S. green cards to girls. The girls are grateful. There was also a girl who was uncooperative at first, holding the female police officer's hand, as if holding the hand of Jesus. The plot of America's Savior is on again. Why do you just make up for your own mistakes and be regarded as a savior? I really don't understand what the brain structure of arrogant American directors and actors is.

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