The reality of human trafficking is far more violent than the movies

Agustin 2022-10-10 18:22:49

First of all, let’s talk about the overall content of this movie. The human trafficking movie I watched was a combination of the first and second movies. After watching it for a long time, the film mainly tells about human trafficking in two regions, one is the United States and the other is the Philippines, and the United States manages the Philippines.
The source of the population here is divided into two parts. Adult women recruit these people from foreign countries to the United States under the guise of model recruitment, and then conduct physical transactions. The younger ones directly sell yin to children after being abducted.
Tell the characters in the story one by one.
The first is the more tragic character, Elena, who has a young daughter of her own. She was trafficked from Prague to the United States. In the process, she learned some finances herself, and gained the trust of the trafficker leader Kolpa Vinci to help him count and count the income of everyone. In the process, she wrote down the environment of her house more deliberately. Although the amount of information was incomplete, it played a decisive role in solving the case later. Later, the Queens area where she was located was rescued by the police, and with the protection of her daughter and various considerations, she explained to the police what she knew. Before the police brought her daughter to the United States, she was shot and killed by an ambush sniper because she went to the balcony of the house and pointed out that the billboard was exactly the same as what she had seen at the time.

The second female figure is an American little girl in the Philippines, Annie, who was abducted by traffickers when she was shopping with her mother on the street because she was attracted by a boy of the same age. After a tortuous process, she was loaded into an export container , was rescued by the police.

The third female character is a 16-year-old girl, Nadya. He is also a character who plays a lot here. Because he had a fight with his father about going out, he dreamed of modeling. After being brought to the United States, he lived a life like purgatory. In the process, he escaped once and was caught. Then Pavinci, the head of the traffickers, stabbed to death a responsible employee who was ineffective. Why didn't you kill Nadya? Because there is a great use value. Finally, her father found Nadya by working with the traffickers all the way. Finally rescued.

The fourth female character is Kate, a police officer who rescues the hostages. She is the first heroine in the movie. Since the beginning of the death of Eastern European girls, she has been committed to solving crimes. At the beginning, she rescued Elena and persuaded her to tell her Pavinci crime content. After the death of Elena, she began to look for new clues. With a little clue that the human traffickers were hiding their environment according to Elena, another hostage stronghold of Pavinci was cracked. And Nadya's father was in the traffickers at the time. By talking to Kate, he successfully "escaped" and continued to find Nadya. In the end, Kate mixed into the hostage, because Pavinci found out that she was too old, and finally shot Pavinci to death.

The above are all female characters. Except for the police, their fate is more tragic.

And the male characters have less scenes in it. One is Kate's boss, who cooperated fully and solved the case from despair at the beginning. The second is the villain, Pavinci, the head of human traffickers. The third character is Nadya's father, who found his daughter by infiltrating the traffickers.

Personally, I feel that the content of Nadya's father is a little less played here. Behind every abducted family has its own tragic story, and in this film, the main story is how the police cracked this serial case. There is very little description of Nadya's father's search for his daughter. If you can combine the actual examples and tell the content here, I believe there will be better content.

The above is just about the characters and content in the movie, what I want to say. In fact, in view of the limited content of the film, there are some particularly violent and bloody, inhuman content films that cannot be shown at all. It's all appalling.

Someone asked, do you know? I don't know, but I can learn something from the side.

A while ago, I read an old post on, about a woman in a special industry in Beijing (you know what). After his colleague and good sister died abnormally, he told what happened inside. It's really unsightly, I can't even think about it. Those who have a big face in Beijing, how dirty and perverted they are behind the scenes and in dark places, they have the final say whether they live or die. These are just things that happened in romantic places, and the hostages in the hands of these traffickers are nothing.

To say that the worst industry in the world is human trafficking. He has gained some economic benefits, and every family behind it has been shattered.

I just watched "Dear" starring Zhao Wei and Huang Bo a while ago. It reflects how many sad stories are behind the families who have been kidnapped and sold.

After watching this kind of movie, I can't appeal for anything, because human traffickers who dehumanize people will not watch these things.

Therefore, I can only remind everyone to pay attention to pay more attention to their children at ordinary times, and be careful at any time.

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