After watching this movie, I hate human traffickers to the extreme!

Angie 2022-11-01 23:15:26

It's a feminist movie. Calling attention to women's rights in underdeveloped countries.

Traffickers profit from illegally abducting women and children and transporting them to prostitution around the world. One of the scenes is a country in Southeast Asia, where the little girl's father sold his daughter to human traffickers. But my mother ignored it. The parents are so indifferent to the little girl, aren't they their own? The little girl was taken to a prostitution establishment.

A group of underage children live in a dark room every day, terrorized by bad guys and living a life like a devil. I can't imagine how much of a blow to humanity this is.

The whole film is very dark, and the mood is very heavy after watching it. Thinking of those human traffickers in reality, this movie refreshed my understanding of human traffickers! Too bad, bad to the extreme!

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Human Trafficking quotes

  • Helena: Just hearing Sergei's voice used to make me nauseous. But then, you know, we were in the same room, talking. And despite all this hell he put me through, you know... I would catch myself almost forgetting who he was.

    Kate Morozov: The devil's not without his charms.

  • Helena: Do you think it's possible, when you have lost your humanity, to ever find it again?

    Kate Morozov: Yes, I do. But it's yours to find. No one can take it away from you. Not one man, not a hundred.