Love is not so reliable

Elyssa 2022-10-24 17:50:49

A REAL SHOW from ABC in 2002. THE BACHELOR, this reality show is for those diamond kings looking for wives. I translated the first season. This time, the bachelor's name is ALEX. He graduated from Harvard and studied for an MBA at Stanford. He is the head of a management consulting company. When I was young, I was pretty ugly. For the little girl I liked when I was eight years old, I ran to the school swimming team. As a result, I trained a lot of muscles. Put himself on the map. Anyway, all the awards in high school, homecoming king, bodybuilding Sir, the representative of the graduates, he has taken all of them anyway. Such a man, 31 years old, is finally ready to get married, which drives women in dozens of states in the United States crazy.

All kinds of registration video tapes have been sent. The women are just like in AMERICAN IDOL. They are full of tricks. Anyway, they just want to attract attention and can be selected. Until the last twenty-five women who participated in the competition, they are for ordinary women. Said that they are both SUPER GREAT, it is surprising that they can't find a boyfriend.

On the first night, every woman got out of the super-long Lincoln and came over gracefully. I forgot myself, how many times have I translated, hi, I'm Alex, nice to meet you.

On the first night he had to pick fifteen out of twenty-five women, and like everyone else, he picked out the beauties anyway. Since I am looking for a wife. Anyway, I just found a beautiful one. Among them, there was a woman named AMBER. She was the last one to be selected, and it was estimated that she was used to make up the number. Because it will be eliminated soon. When she left, she said, even if I am not beautiful, I still have self-esteem, and I still have the right to pursue happiness.

In the fourth episode I translated, there are only four girls left, and what ALEX has to face is the family of these four girls. I think this arrangement is very unreasonable and should be put a little later, because ALEX himself admits , if he can't promise anything to a woman, he shouldn't give her hope, follow her home, and meet her family and friends. The last remaining four women, the girl named KIM, is a typical protein girl, with a happy family, many friends, no life pressure, pure mess. But it doesn't arouse ALEX DIG's desire.

A girl named TRISTA, from a divorced family, made herself not want to approach others casually, and was very defensive. ALEX actually liked her the most, but he also admitted that he had a kind of love for her as a high school student. JUST CRASH. And his worst fear is that TRISTA might not love him at all. He told TRISTA not to always reject people thousands of miles away, hoping that when he was with her, he thought he belonged only to her. But TERISTA couldn't do it. She felt that if they really only belonged to each other, then Alex's current behavior would be to open his legs.

The third girl is AMANDA from a super small town. Like her name, she is indeed adorable. The problem is, AMANDA has two older brothers. During the whole process of meeting the parents, the two older brothers spoke in the same tone of voice. The questions asked made ALEX feel that he was not like a hairy-footed son-in-law, but more like a person applying for a job.

My favorite is SHANNON. This black-haired little girl made it clear when she fell in love with ALEX, NO KISS ON THE FIRST DATE, AND NO SEX UNLESS THERE IS SOMETHING DONE. I think her persistence is right, BUT YOU KNOW MAN .ALEX thinks such cover up is dishonest, anyway, it is to let SHANNON express his position. He asked her what would happen to you if it was just the two of us, but Shannon said something sad. BUT WE ARE NOT ALONE.

After this paragraph, ALEX has a monologue, which roughly means, in fact, SHANNON has a lot to say to him, but he may ask for A MOMENT LATER. BUT THERE IS NOT LATER, BECAUSE THE CAMERAS ARE EVERYWHERE. . I was so sad when I watched this. ALEX said later that he found it a mistake, because the whole process made him angry, tired, and he was going crazy.

In the last episode, he eliminated KIM because he felt that KIM IS TOO EASY GOING TO HIM . Again, if you are not cheap, you are not a man, or not just a man, NO HARD NO TURN ON .ALSO WORKS ON

WOMAN.I I didn't have the finale in hand, but I was curious to see what was going on, so I went to ABC's official website. In the finale, he finally chose AMANDA between AMANDA and TRISTA. But neither of the girls made a good impression on their future mother-in-law when they went to ALEX's house. ALEX's mother even said, I THINK YOU DON'T LIKE HER AT ALL.

In fact, I think SHANNON is the most suitable for ALEX, but because SHANNON has always insisted on not having a relationship with ALEX. She was eliminated. ALEX didn't think AMANDA was the best fit for him, so he didn't propose on the show.

In real life, love is not so reliable. It's not enough to spend seven weeks trying to get to know a woman, let alone a group of women.

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