Celluloid Closets: Hollywood's Look Back at Centennial Detours in Closets

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Prefer another translation: Film Out of the Closet

Both storytelling and inspiring, a 1995 Hollywood review of the past hundred years of self-examination. Hollywood, as the cultural core and the all-encompassing mirror of civilization, reflects its responsibility in this film; a summary of the development process In place, not shy about trite mistakes, and an impressive tribute to the group;

The documentary shows the unknown thoughts of the film under the Hays Act. The creators go through the Chencang and hide and hide in order to self-identify the group and satisfy their desire for art. Affirming human rights and the diversity of human desires with reservations; after finally getting rid of the choice of being silent or offensive to sexual minorities, and after the complete liberation of Hollywood, the fire of art really broke out Now, the prosperity of the screen also followed, which is very emotional.

Naturally, I don’t expect the same awakening in the same period of revolution and construction in China, but even a hundred years later, it is difficult to achieve the same achievements. Our country has always paid attention to the initiative of emphasizing that the mainstream culture is “me-oriented and used by me”. rights, but are unaware of the inversion of subcultures; minorities are immersed in the fierce human rights struggles and evolution stories on the other side, while growing up in a closed and "anti-adventurous" environment, in a disciplined and unified core value environment. Living in an environment, boiled frogs have long lost their desire to fight;

"Denied existence" and rejection have no way to evolve into a force of resistance, but are dissolved in the expectation of the future and the concept of "living in the present";

This is also doomed that domestic groups are more xenophobic, with a very poor sense of self-identity. They are "recognized" because of factors outside the group, and their cultural cohesion is so low that they are reluctant to speak for the group; more importantly, the way of socializing And the deformity of individual cognition, such as bringing oneself into the structure of heterosexual couples, not only compromises the heterosexual hegemony, but also reinforces the stereotype and gives up the initiative.

All of the above situations will lead to no awakening in China and to set things right. Documentary is the history of blood and tears in Hollywood, and it is a struggle that has not yet begun when it is extended to the domestic situation; but there are always some things that will not be denied, slandered, and stigmatized. Change and disappear, one day you and I must face, admit, and solve.

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