You may be weird, but I still like you

August 2022-08-21 15:13:26

"Society is already very tolerant of homosexuality!"

"Everyone is equal, I don't think you are different."

"You are all normal people." "You people are all fine in contact!"

In this way, it comes out of everyone's mouth, naturally and fluently.

"Then how do you make love?"

"Are you all rich and good at playing?"

"Have you never been short of friends in your circle?"

"Are you a group that sees faces?"

"Is your life a mess?"

"Why do you fall in love with the same sex?"

Of course, ordinary people will not say such words, because we have labeled ourselves "friendship, tolerance, progress, and harmony". These labels do not allow us to ask such words, even if the doubts in our hearts are more than those mentioned above. If you want more, you should straighten yourself up and pretend to sigh: "You are the same as us, there is no difference, let the world give us the same love!"

This is the whole society's deformed understanding of the word "inclusion", I look at you from a distance, don't care, don't approach, you continue to maintain your own personality and sexuality, and I continue to maintain my prejudice and discrimination, This is tolerance, and it is also the tolerance that the public can afford.

The reason why I tolerate you is that I hope you stay away from me.

For Chinese people, their attitude towards homosexuality is naturally elevated, but they are always different. Today, with the outbreak of the self-media and foreign same-sex movements, if you dare to speak out your dissatisfaction with homosexuality, you will attract contempt from the people around you. These labels "stupid, superficial, backward," will come immediately, even if you He didn't think so in his heart at all. In order to take care of his own image, under the threat of the media and public opinion, he would still force himself to speak insincere words.

When we didn't come into contact with homosexuality, we embraced a "sympathetic" attitude, imagining that as a progressive woman in the new era, we should keep up with the pace of social development, give certain respect and understanding to this group, and at the same time, People around me advertise, you see how much I have made progress, how much I care about social groups, how much connotation I have, but I am just like the public, carrying a banner of "social progress", walking ahead with great momentum, but in the sun Continue to ignore or continue to discriminate in places that cannot be reached.

So you see, the deformed use of tolerance is not only between heterosexuals and homosexuals, but even between heterosexuals and heterosexuals. Like a dormant volcano, it looks beautiful on the surface. But the surging suspicions and suspicions, discrimination and dissatisfaction are like boiling magma, waiting for the right moment to trigger. Only the distance can ease the tension a little. The distance here is the one mentioned above. The abnormal use of "tolerance".

When chatting with gay friends, the word she said the most was loneliness. Even in the heterosexual society, such emotions also exist, but for gay people, there are very few channels for them to express themselves. All are confined to circles, so the secretive becomes more secretive, and the prejudiced becomes more prejudiced.

The birth of a group will blur all the personalities and qualities of an individual, so the public often use a group to represent a type of person. When you are classified as a homosexual group, your personal character and conduct are in the eyes of the public. Once you are in a shape, you can only fight for a little bit of the right to speak if you are very outstanding.

Before writing the article, I tried to check some information to find out how many homosexuals there are in China, but unfortunately there is no official data. , is still a hard thing to do. This is not something that can be done under the protection of the word "equal rights". It requires consideration and time.

Cai Kangyong emotionally mentioned homosexuality on Qipa Talk before, claiming that he sometimes feels lonely, and that he is not a monster, and he does not want everyone to regard gay people as monsters. I was still shocked to see such a remark made by such an arguably respected person. His achievements are beyond the reach of many ordinary people, but because he is gay, he not only has to pay more, but also bear more on the way to achieve achievements, but once Nirvana, it will definitely shine.

Therefore, the gay people who appear in the public eye are always so dazzling, with good looks, good conversational temperament, personality, ideas, and creativity, and they are liked and supported by many people.

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Ellen Page of Hard Candy

American talk show host Ellen Degeneres

Kido Westweller (right), chairman of the German Liberal Democratic Party, and "boyfriend" Michael Mulonz

Berlin Mayor Klaus Wavilet


"Prison Break" actor Wentworth Miller

On the one hand, it is indeed a major step forward for equal rights for homosexuals. On the other hand, because homosexuals are a small group after all, a few outstanding people have raised the public's expectations for them, a very normal and ordinary homosexual. There will be another level of discrimination. It can be said that in the gay community, the "class division" may be more serious, the "Matthew effect" is stronger, the excellent are better, and the mediocre are more mediocre.

Of course, this also occurs in heterosexual society, but because the base is too large, heterosexual people think that their group is normal, regard themselves as the standard, and regard other small groups as aliens. So if you ask a homosexual to express his views on heterosexuality, few people will pay attention to it. In turn, heterosexuals not only cast a strange view on homosexuals, but also implicitly ask for it, although everyone is equal Existence, this is the power of the group.

I have gay friends around me. It wasn’t until I had a deep talk a few days ago that I realized that I was “stupid” in myself. The problem has been overexposed, so the labeling will become more serious, and the isolation between the two groups will become stronger and stronger.

I remember a gay friend said that she would like a person first, and then she would like to see her gender. She might still like boys in the future, but the premise is that she loves this person, not her gender.

My prejudice and discrimination are just a little bit less in contact with them, I'm still a straight, unwavering, but I want my gay friends to love boldly and live intensely, despite the current situation , I don't recommend that Ts come out bravely, but I hope we are all happy and fearless.

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