There is a kind of movie that can't write a review after watching it

Akeem 2022-07-14 21:06:20

There is a movie that you can't write a review after you've

watched it, there's a movie you're reluctant to delete after you've watched it, and

there's a movie that may not go down in history, but you won't be able to leave for a long time in your heart.

It is said that movies are all unreal worlds, using an illusory and bizarre plot to satisfy the audience's fantasy of beauty, but this exaggerated method awakens you to face the most real emotions in your heart,

maybe a few years later. I won't be as touched as I am today, but I am very touched by this state of mind at this moment, because it deeply touched a fragile nerve in my body that can never be let go.

A movie with the texture of "Countercurrent in the Heart" doesn't need honor and recognition, as long as it makes sense to you, it's enough, really.

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