I love that Santiago waiting in the sun

Eddie 2022-07-14 19:24:40

The film tells a simple but moving story with a very simple shooting technique. There is no gorgeous music, no amazing special effects, no huge cast, but it moves people overwhelmed.

The story is really simple, just like the simple and traditional life of the seaside fishermen, men fishing, women watching the house, a simple church for everyone to gather, and the simple relationship between neighbors, poor but calm, just like a quiet sea .

However, there are still undercurrents below the calm. Santiago's relationship, for example, seems to Miguel to be that way. Only by dating in hiding, Miguel treats Santiago as his hidden lover. However, when Santiago really became his invisible lover, things gradually changed. The relationship between Miguel and Santiago faced a choice, and Miguel couldn't give up after many pains, and finally made him give up everything to defend. If you think about it, the power of love is indeed powerful.

I think it may be this simple background of the story that shows that homosexuality really occurs regardless of the system, race, or culture, as long as it is a human community, even in such a simple seaside fishing village.

The most impressive thing is that Miguel hid in the abandoned low wall and passed through the broken door. Miguel saw Santiago's soul standing outside generously, smiling and calling him out. , at that moment I was suddenly completely overwhelmed by this simple beautiful picture.

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