You are the reverse current in my heart

Yvette 2022-07-14 20:10:49

Love, why is it so difficult, but we can't be together in love... The film tells an extremely tangled and abusive story, from the beginning to the end, the content of the story is known to everyone, I just casually say what I think. A picturesque seaside town, two men fall in love... Santiago really loves Miguel wholeheartedly, no matter what other people think, even if the whole island is very unfriendly to him, children throw things at his window every day, All the women in the village were whispering behind their backs, but it didn't matter, because there was someone he loved in the village, and for him it was nothing, he put up with it all, he was desperate to live in this village, just for the sake of Being a little closer to him... As a woman's husband and a father-to-be with a fetus in his womb, Miguel maintained this relationship under great pressure. On the one hand, he loves his wife and his son very much, and on the other hand On the one hand, he also loves Santiago very much in his heart. For various reasons, he never dared to expose this relationship. He is afraid, he is afraid of losing everything! He didn't want to lose his wife and children, he didn't want to lose his friends. He and Santiago could only meet in the dark, hiding S. He knew that he could not do without Santiago, but he didn't have the courage to face it... Girl Isaura, maybe many people hate this girl, but it's okay It can be seen that the director has put a lot of ink on her (she has been promoting the development of the plot and has always played an important role in several major turning points in this film), she is a little girl, willful, rebellious, jealous, dare to love , I hope to be loved. After being rejected, I will want to take revenge and vent my anger. It is a very real character. I was very angry with her at first, but think about it, which girl is not like this... In the end, she understood, otherwise she would not Tell Miguel the body was found. When she let go of her mother's hand and took her boyfriend to run to the beach, she may really understand what love is... Miguel's wife, she really loves Miguel, with all her heart and nothing else, a good woman, a good mother, but As a wife, she really can't accept that her husband loves not only herself, he can't accept that he wants to share her husband's heart with another man, let alone a dead man, she will never be able to compete with this deceased man, because her husband will always Will not forget him, he will miss him all the time. But she loves him, she can only accept, accept all of him. When she took her son to the gossip mother and daughter's house to defend her husband, left the cruel words behind, and didn't forget to say "I wish you a happy day" at the end, she was really in awe of this woman at that time! Santia Go's body was found, Miguel was reluctant to let him go, he tied the body up secretly, and decided not to tell Santiago anything. Thinking about the time we spent together, walking down the street hand in hand... I really couldn't put it down, although I still had to be in front of Santiago. He said those harsh and ignorant words, but he really didn't want him to leave and the body was swept away by the water. Miguel panicked. He couldn't take it anymore. He confessed to Santiago that he understood Miguel's selfishness, but left him in order to rest in peace Miguel was going to forget everything and throw everything away and start over, his wife was back, his friends were back, everything seemed to be going back to the way it was before , At this time, Santiago's body was salvaged by the fishing boat, Santiago came back, Miguel decided, no matter what, he should give him an explanation, only for the man who lit candles by the sea, the man who loved him the most in the world, even if his wife ion In order to achieve Santiago's wish, Miguel tried his best to fight for Santiago's mother. It can be seen that both mother and daughter understand and love Santiago deeply, especially Santiago's sister, who may be Santiago's only confidant. , everything can only be told to his sister. He understands Santiago and strongly persuades his mother to fulfill Santiago's last wish. When her mother was out of control and rushed out of the door, with one movement and one look, it could be seen that she was the only one who supported Miguel at that time. Miguel succeeded, he persuaded Santiago's mother, but Miguel's wife finally chose to leave, but before leaving, she still asked the bishop to help her husband fulfill his wish, she still loved the man, but... On the day of the funeral, Miguel was alone Carrying Santiago's body at the front of the funeral procession, he finally put aside everything, he finally knew what was his favorite! But the one he loved is no longer there. Some of the eyes in the crowd were contemptuous, some resolute, and some dodging, but at least there were still villagers in the team. Although there were not many, they still warmed people's hearts. When Miguel's wife was about to give birth, the little brother who rushed over to inform Miguel ran over to take over the side of the coffin, the one who never gave up on Miguel, this is the real friend! On the sea, a boat is floating, Miguel hugs San Tiago's body, he tried to push him into the ocean, but was really reluctant, he could only lie on it and continue to cry. In the end, Miguel finally made up his mind and pushed the body into the ocean... Miguel watched Santiago sink slowly. At this time, a hand reached out and put it lightly on Miguel's face, turned his head, looked at each other, and finally the With a kiss, the tears couldn't stop flowing down, Santiago left and will never come back. Since then, the world is separated from each other, and there is no one I love in the world... (Seeing this, my heart is really poked. Suddenly, tears came down, I don't know why...) The film was shot very well, and it is quite rare to be a director. The true and delicate interpretation of the earth-shattering love of ghosts and gods also aggravates the degree of abuse of the film! I rarely watch South American films. The soundtrack of the film is very good, the scenery is really beautiful, the director is very restrained when he speaks the story, and the appearance is very calm, but just like the title, there are undercurrents surging underneath, and this is how good films are, which makes people feel full of emotions. I don't know what to say, maybe this is love! Looking forward to the director's next work...

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