Saw it twice in a week. make a big summary

Royce 2022-09-15 10:14:14

This is the first time I've seen a movie twice in a week.
First I want to say that m and s are from different families.
M is a poor village. There are many passers-by who don't wear shoes. My wife is reluctant to buy candles. The house doesn't even have a floor.
s comes from a wealthy family and holds a DSLR. I believe that m can’t buy a DSLR with one year’s income. Of course, rich children are more willful.
So let me tell you what I have read twice, it can be said that Basically see the details.
1. To correct the name of mico, many people say that mico is selfish and not as strong as s' love. In addition to considering the above background reasons, do you see that when s is invisible, it is m who takes the initiative to hold s' hand, in fact, m is really Love s, and more than his wife, thinking of s when he was having sex with his wife. In the end, I didn't want anything in order to send s, faced my sexuality, faced my love for s, and faced the world's vision. In order to find S's body, he was swimming in shallow water at first, then he was equipped with upper body and searched at the bottom of the sea. When he saw S's smile and when he was with his wife, everyone knew the contrast. Sitting in the corner, m sat with him until dawn, and when he was finally about to push him into the sea, he was reluctant to give up and lay on the corpse in pain. so mico loves santiago
2, santiago loves mico deeply, needless to say, love so much that he thinks about him day and night, the house is his stuff, but more importantly is a kind of understanding and understanding of m's love, s has never They all keep their stature very low. When hiding in the corner, they tell M not to drive him away. On the street, you think that M takes the initiative to hold S's hand, and that S doesn't love M? M just knew how nervous and frightened S was, and had been thinking about his feelings all the time. When his son was born, M shared with S the momentary dissatisfaction in his eyes. M didn't notice it, but I noticed it. Is it because I can't have the fruit of my heart with the person I love, or is it because I am jealous that the person I love has a child with someone else? But at that moment, when I saw m's bright smile, everything was worth it, I immediately picked up the camera and recorded the smiling face of the person I loved. Sharing the joy of m that made him suffer. Finally the child was born, m took the child out and saw the lit candle that was thrown away by marian. You will find that s far away from m still deeply blesses the person whom m cherishes - m's child. It should be the legendary great and selfless love
3.marian is a good wife and a great mother. Why is marian so good? After knowing the truth that her husband was having an affair with a man, she went home the next day, all for the sake of her children. Why did she find a gossip person after reconciliation with her husband, because she loved mico deeply and defended her husband , In the end, m was going to send s the last ride. Although the wife resisted, she deeply kissed Mico's hand at that time. She knew that the husband she loved deeply, but she didn't love her, but she couldn't turn herself away from the husband she loved deeply. She is desperate, especially seeing her husband answer that he still loves santiago. In the end, he asked the priest to help deliver the s, and he also took advantage of his own favor, saying that it was for himself, and the priest was helping the husband to deliver it, the adulterer.
4. In conclusion, it can be said that the three people in this movie are all in pain, but as a middleman, mico has been deeply loved by a man and deeply loved by a woman. The most pitiful one should be marian, she It's just a one-sided love. Compared with santiago, mico's love is really insignificant. The movie also satirizes the worldly vision of the society, emphasizing the sadness of homosexuals, and the open and honest love - this kind of "favorable encounter" that is too ordinary for heterosexuals, and homosexuals can only enjoy it after death. It's sad. This kind of movie is basically a tragic ending, because there is still no way for people on earth to accept things and people who are different from themselves. When you find out that when a woman becomes the head of state, or a homosexual becomes the head of state, maybe... Homosexuals can be more free in society

... Finally, considering that I am working so hard to write film reviews, please give me a santiago, I am 25 years old, I have never been in a relationship, I dare not date online, no Dare to come out of the closet, I dare not contact others, I am afraid of getting sick, and I don't want to look for it casually. I just want to find a lover who will accompany my life. ・・・

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