They believe that there is a heaven, but there is a sea of ​​blood between the present world and that heaven. Humans can swim through this sea of ​​blood before they can reach the other shore. They decided to realize that sea of ​​blood first.

Ivy 2022-07-19 22:25:01

Finished watching the first two episodes of season 1 and 2 of Mr. Robot over the weekend. What a great show with a thought-provoking portrayal of the current state of society and sociopaths!

The plot is not complicated: In today's society full of crises and depravity, the male protagonist who suffered from family misfortune, suffered from schizophrenia and social phobia, resisted doctor's treatment since childhood, worked as an engineer in a network security company during the day, and was a lonely hacker at night—— Crying on drugs, snooping on people's privacy, (optionally) reporting sin and saving people. Like American athlete Armstrong, who won seven consecutive Tour de France championships, the male protagonist also relies on drugs to maintain a faster reaction speed. Similar to American actor Bill Cosby, who drugged and raped familiar women, the male protagonist illegally obtained the privacy of people he knew because of boredom. Slightly different from the fundamentalist American actor Mel Gibson who insists on racism, the male protagonist hates the powerful (not Jews) in the real world. By the way, these celebrities are people that the male protagonist hates very much (as expected, the biggest degeneration is to become the person he hates the most and construct the society he hates the most), and he also opposes the society because of this!

The male protagonist works together with his childhood sweetheart girl (also the standard for otaku + cute girls), because the girl cannot repay the student loan, and the male protagonist thinks that his father was killed by a big financial company, the male protagonist splits the personality organization A group of hackers conspired to destroy the financial network, retaliate against the social elite, forgive everyone's debts, and save the world (again, it is a character set with scientific and technological knowledge + economic knowledge and mentally retarded).

Maybe it's because the special effects of stimulants are very effective, or the ability of the technical staff of the big company is negative. Although the male protagonist has been confused for several months and can't figure out who he is and what he has done, there is no hope for financial support. Institutions and their debt data backed up around the world are still destroyed by male protagonists - people have no debt (and no savings?), and naturally they can't prove that they have paid off their previous debts. The male protagonist did take revenge on the powerful—financial institution executives resigned and even committed suicide in desperation on live TV, but the poor seem to be worse off.

Of course the male protagonist doesn't care about these consequences! He finally realized that he was a snake spirit disease, and decisively learned from the tadpoles to find his mother, returned to his hometown to eat, eat, watch football games, continue to resist the psychiatrist who cares about him, participate in church activities, fight with another personality, and sleep. .....

The character I regret the most in the play is Shayla, the hero's girlfriend. After she moved next door to the male protagonist, she went to tragedy step by step. Originally, she was just a drug dealer wandering in the gray area of ​​society, with her own hidden artistic dreams, and did not do anything dangerous or hurt others. She probably fell in love with the male protagonist at first sight for no reason, and in order to satisfy his special drug addiction, she purchased goods from the perverted drug lord, and was eventually drugged and raped by the drug lord. The male protagonist has long collected the drug lord's numerous criminal evidence, but since he can only buy special banned drugs from the drug lord, he has never reported him. After Shayla was humiliated, the male protagonist anonymously reported the drug lord (how could he reveal his identity, can this IQ really hack the financial system??) The drug lord kidnapped Shayla remotely in prison, called the male protagonist to hack him Drop the prison security system to rescue the drug lord, and send a few robbers to monitor the male lead and Shayla for breakfast in a crowded restaurant (so the male lead is mentally retarded... Various anonymous reports in the past, this time Don't know how to call the police in advance to save people??? Oh, it's too easy to find the police, it's more exciting to challenge the prison security system). The robbers quietly killed Shayla and put it in the trunk of the car, and then drove the male protagonist all day long, and finally succeeded in hacking the prison and released the drug lord...

You thought the male protagonist would kill his girlfriend because of himself , Let go of the drug lord, and feel guilty and remorse for life? That is the plot of "Butterfly Effect" and the domestic "Hypnosis Master"! The male protagonist lacks the ability to discover his own sins (I have a snake spirit disease to blame me?). He wiped away his tears, archived his girlfriend's profile (like any other villain), and went back to his old life.

F**K YOU, Mr. Robot! F**K YOU, Terrorists!

What makes this show great is that it shows us the psychological journey of a sociopath in a realistic way! Unfortunate family growth environment, mental illness, long-term frustration with the outside world and myself, extreme narrow-mindedness, lack of correct knowledge, unscrupulous means, thinking that all problems stem from the society failing me, the real society cannot be forgiven, and my faults are all. It is irrelevant and should be forgiven, and all his talents are used to destroy rather than help society - fascists and terrorists such as Hitler, bin Laden, etc. are mostly like this (for example, bin Laden's aristocratic father, wives and concubines, mothers father abandoned and betrothed to his subordinates). If they come from unfortunate families? That's because of the social arrangement and the innocent family members, so every family should have the same property and the same people's qualities; what if they grow up short or fat, and get seriously ill at the age of 30? That's because of social persecution, and it has nothing to do with innate genes and acquired lifestyle habits, so everyone should be made the same, companies should be knocked down, people should only work 10 hours a week easily, and free medical care should be introduced.

Like terrorism, sociopaths will do whatever they can to achieve their goals, they can sacrifice everything, they can be bosses who care about themselves and work hard to protect their subordinates’ jobs, or they can be girlfriends who are killed to satisfy their drug addiction (ladies for Shayla) , or cause endless unrest in the whole society. They don't want to spend time and energy learning the knowledge to change the world, just believe and understand the simple and crude way - if all people are exempt from bonds and property equality can save mankind. (China has to fight the local tyrants and divide the land every time the dynasty changes. After that, it can really enjoy the prosperity forever? Why bother to do it again in the last century?)

Real society is very bad, but anti-socialists are even worse!

"They believe that heaven exists and can be realized, but between the present world and that heaven, there is a sea, a sea of ​​blood. Humans can swim through this sea of ​​blood before they can reach the other shore. They decided to realize that sea of ​​blood first. ”

F**K YOU, Mr. Robot! F**K YOU, Terrorists!

PS Future plot assumption: The woman who was YY by the male protagonist has been integrated into the society, but the male protagonist's sister continues to be anti-social. According to the routine, the two ladies may reach the top in their respective systems (there may be many reversals of attitude during the period), and the balance of the war between the two will eventually be decided by the male protagonist-social and anti-social are actually scum! The male protagonist who takes drugs every day is the most powerful character in the play! (Adolf Hitler, Bin Laden, and Joseph Stalin said that they are indeed the ones who decide the direction of history!) In addition, the character of the male protagonist may be reversed, and maybe the male protagonist does not have snake essence at all (in suggesting that the president assassins, terrorists always Is it to escape legal punishment as a "snake disease"?) Or the male protagonist is really a snake disease, saving and destroying the world is just his imagination, and his girlfriend Shayla killed himself (I don't expect it anyway. The plot of this play can come up with new ideas, but the performance, shooting, detail control, and portrayal of characters are really amazing) …

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