Come on, let's fuck the world! !

Anibal 2022-07-19 21:26:53

"I'm hacking FBI!" I finally waited for this sentence. I watched four or five episodes this season. When we were about to get tired of the hero's schizophrenia day after day, this sentence finally came. It made me feel that everything was not in vain. .

He suffered inhuman disasters since childhood, and he was never treated gently by the world when he grew up. His old friend was slaughtered by drug dealers, but the murderer escaped. , the pain that goes deep into the soul in the long night, the loneliness of a person hugging and crying at home, finding solace in drugs and spying on other people's private lives every day, this is our hero, a socially impaired person, a schizophrenic genius hacker, a A man with the ability to subvert the world, a person who tells himself that although the world is not good enough, there is no better way now. Your so-called saving mankind will only make the world worse. Humans have already done your so-called experiments. It didn't get better. Every day, I tell myself this with reason. Another personality is suppressed like this. However, the volcano cannot be suppressed. Sooner or later, it will erupt. fail forever? Why doesn't the world have another possibility, why doesn't life have another possibility?

I hate those who have high vested interests, those who look down on all beings and see others as ants, those who think they can trample on other people's dignity and manipulate other people's lives, bro, let go and fuck So many scruples, fucking political correctness, I'm tired of the world day after day, this endless life tortures me like purgatory, bro, your friends are under threat, some of your former comrades in arms have died, Come on brother, don't be bound by your so-called reason, let go of the darkness in your heart, let it spread without borders, pick up your weapons and let us fuck the world!

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