Heroes of the Information Age

Orland 2022-09-17 05:24:54

After watching the first season of Hackers, and the first two episodes of season two, it's rare to find an American drama that makes me want to write something.

The ultimate evil of the villain BOSS in various film and television works is nothing more than destroying the world, and to find a reason for this world to destroy, of course, the current world is too bad, and a new world needs to be rebuilt, and in order to build a new world, it is necessary to destroy the existing one. In the world, some villains simply want to establish hegemony in the new world, but some villains really just want to build a new and better world. Sometimes even the protagonists of justice cannot refute in the face of facts, so It's just that no matter how bad the current world is, it can't be destroyed and re-established at the cost of tens of thousands of people's lives, and it can only be improved little by little. Of course, the protagonist of justice will succeed in the end because he has to save tens of thousands of lives. So, is this slowly improving idea of ​​saving the world really feasible? Bad world Bad institutions are in the hands of a few, and are they willing to slowly improve? If the unkind reason of killing tens of thousands of people is removed, wouldn't it be better for the most vulnerable groups to destroy the existing system and build a new system at once?

Watching 1984, I deeply felt the repressed world, and then I was excited about the protagonist's behavior against the world in V for Vendetta, and excited for the awakening of the people. And the hacker army tells us that we don't need fantasy and no future, and the world we need to destroy and resist is now.

The hacker army focuses on those ordinary people who have worked hard all their lives for the sake of a few rich people to become richer. The gap between the rich and the poor is already serious and the positive feedback is getting more and more serious. class. One point reflected in the play is that the heroine owes a huge amount of student loans in order to receive a better education. She has been working for many years and has not been able to pay it back. Her father also has a lot of loans for various reasons such as the house. Only the rich can accept elites. Education, mastering most of the resources, so that they can become richer, and the poor will become poorer, and the final fate of those who try to change their class by taking loans to go to school is that most of their lifetime wages are used to repay the loan, not to mention the house. In other respects, another American drama from the same year that showed the high tuition fees for elite education, even if he went to school, was just struggling, while the rich spent a lot of money to recruit girlfriends. This is the elite education criticized by the United States, and China is not, it is even more serious, because not only education, we also have housing problems, many ordinary people have worked hard all their lives to save and save all the money they have saved. A few rich people, for a set of accommodation, and housing is the most basic human need! Not to mention the huge medical bills needed in case you accidentally get sick. And the status quo of absolute inequality of resources between urban and rural areas. According to the film's routine, the protagonist of justice insists that no matter how bad the status quo is, it needs a little improvement, but where is the improvement every year? So the viewpoint of the villain's big BOSS directly destroys the existing world and rebuilds a new world, isn't it worth considering?

And this drama is to say no to the status quo and the current world, that is, to destroy the existing system at one time and reshuffle the cards. The male protagonist is not suddenly a hero. At first we saw that the protagonist is like a hero in the martial arts world. He uses his hacking skills to be chivalrous and righteous. This kind of behavior of helping a small number of people and punishing only one villain at a time is like an ordinary hero, and the greatest hero is for the country and the people. Naturally, the last one-time hacking of all the reputation systems and erasing all ordinary people owe a lot of money to a few. The money of the rich in the company, a reshuffling and redistribution of wealth, so that it is not obtrusive and reasonable.

Ancient China is also the prototype world of the martial arts world. The government cannot make decisions for the people, and ordinary people can only rely on the hero's heroism to fight for righteousness. What is the world like now, but this hero is a hacker, and he can really do it once Sex changes the world. Although it was not easy, the protagonist team did it. Maybe our world needs such heroes. But we can't just hope and expect heroes to appear out of thin air when we suffer misfortune, and we can't expect long-term institutional oppression to finally wait for heroes to change the world.

The show beat the smash hit Game of Thrones to win an Emmy, a view that is at least accepted and respected by others. Personally, I think there are still some things that don't feel perfect. Originally, this theme is already very good. It is enough to maintain the theme through various branch lines. I have to add the plot setting of the protagonist's schizophrenia. I really don't understand what this is. , if a drama that embodies schizophrenia is not done enough, there are too many schizophrenia in film and television works, and this one is not outstanding. Instead, adding a schizophrenic plot wastes a lot of plot space and squeezes it out. This has created a space where the gap between the rich and the poor and the current state of society could have been better represented. In the second season, I even felt that the main theme of the theme was taken over. Originally, after the reputation system was hacked at the end of the first season, there was a lot of room to play, which can further reflect the struggle between large companies and the hacker army, and show the next goal of the hacker army. To further change the world, it is heroic and righteous, but the schizophrenia of the protagonist is about to become the main plot.

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