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First of all, the breaking point chosen for the ending of the first season of this show is not very good, because the essence of the stalk is really bad. Even if Mr. Robot's speech is very exciting and very release, there is still a feeling of disappointment. But if this show is released together in one or two seasons, then we can see that the screenwriter's description of Jingfen is actually very good. The hero's fear struggle to the last short-term false reconciliation, interspersed with the end of the first season. Great suspense, it's beautiful.

I think the difference in this drama is as follows: 1. The turning point at the end of the first season is not well chosen, and it is easy to be hacked. 2. Although the second season is good, the plot is protracted. It would be better if it was shortened to five episodes. The rest can be about Eliot's second-stage plan. 3. The screenwriter is a bit ruthless about being black in China (specifically how foreigners think about China is very mysterious), this third point can't be said in too much detail, after all, there are many opinions. But it's so dark that it's easy for us viewers to not see the show. . .

I'm still in a wait-and-see stage for the screenwriter's script. I want to see if the screenwriter doesn't like socialism or the elite style of capitalism, so how will this story be completed in the end? How does the author deal with this big question that he himself throws up. Of course I wouldn't buy the account of Utopia.

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