Deshaun 2022-11-13 09:26:14

You can only use the web version of KaliLinux to destroy a company like Alibaba. Except that entrepreneurs will promise you a better future: but their logic is full of loopholes: even if there is a good future, it will only belong to a small group of people in capitalist society, and most people will either be eliminated or survive on drugs, The only thing they care about is making a ton of money in the pockets of consumption-addicted middle-class idiots and pre-middle-class idiots. Look at the world we live in... I'm so tired and clichés I don't want to read it anymore. In fact, I also thought like Elliot, what if the so-called better world after "the building collapsed", but my imagination is lacking, as lacking as my imagination and those great philosophers in human history, Writers, it seems that human beings simply cannot have a better future. I am deeply touched by what Darline said: In this era, people who are not lonely, depressed or neurotic are the real lunatics. In a sense, life and times are a "lose-lose option".

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  • Elliot: Repeating the same tasks each day without ever having to think about them, isn't that what everybody does? Keep things on repeat to go along with their NCISes and Lexapro. Isn't that where it's comfortable? In the sameness?

  • Susan Jacobs: Frankly, I think we can find $5.9 million in between our couch cushions.