seabirds gone

Garry 2022-11-04 06:11:34

I haven't seen such a moving movie for a long time. After watching it, I couldn't calm down for a long time, because I cried deeply for this beautiful movie.
He has a good wife, he has a good partner, and his parish finally understands him, and I take great comfort. The power of women is so great that his wife can go to those bitches when they are in trouble and say: if you spread rumors about my husband, I will goug out your eyes; his wife can bury his lover when he decides Go to the pastor and say: Just think it's for me. Although she has been crying, but the kind of strength and love for her husband is rare in the world.
What impresses me the most is love. He never dared to accept his identity, and even would rather let the soul of his lover accompany him day and night than tell him I love you in person. The moment his lover was leaving, he asked when will you come back?
Maybe after this goodbye, it will be forever.
I also told him back then: I am going to another city, although it is not too far away, but there will be very few opportunities to come back. He didn't say: Please come back often to see me. This is what I've been waiting for. I thought I could gracefully turn around and look at him and tell him: I've been waiting for you to say that. Then I turned my head, never looked at him again, and left all the good thoughts to this city, even if my shoulders would tremble, even if I would cry. However, reality is no better than movies. People in reality will not tell you such romantic memories.
He and his lover's dead soul can walk on the beach hand in hand, without caring what others think. In fact, this inner joy is not worth sharing with others, because they don't understand how difficult it is to hold hands like this. If only they could stay this happy forever.
Is this kind of love destined to not be blessed?
After finding the body of his lover, he fulfilled his promise, which is not easy. He said to his mother: I am here today to bury your son, and my wife and son will leave me forever. In the end he carried the coffin with such a determined expression that my heart trembled. It was only after I grew up that I realized that the price to be paid for some things is heart-wrenching.
On the boat, he pushed his body into the sea, his eyes filled with tears, his soul dragged his face, and the two kissed their last goodbyes and disappeared in the sea.
Is it possible to keep the truest love only by parting from life and death?
Burn those portraits, even if you keep them, it will be hard to find traces of your lover; burn those love letters as well, it is a tribute to your youth.

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