In fact, you can't say that I'm not touched, but I still have something to say

Felicia 2022-10-11 18:48:20

I can't write a short review, so let's just write it as a film review

and I won't go into detail about the story. According to the routine of bringing it to life, it can be said that this movie is a male and male version of "Ghost Love Is Over". Unfortunately, in fact, in " In "Counter Current in My Heart", the relationship between M and S is not only unfinished, but also regrettably passed away prematurely.

To be honest, I don't like this ending, and I don't agree with the male lead's approach.

The male protagonist M seems to have experienced the awakening process of self-identity in the movie. But what is puzzling is why this kind of identification needs to be done in the name of "resting" lover. Why should they be separated forever when they can be with each other? Just because M can't go on like this, because he has a wife and son to "take care of"?

What I still can't figure out is that since you have finally recognized yourself, and S has become a ubiquitous ghost that can help you cheat when gambling (the point is wrong), isn't it good for TM, just like this Su Shuangfei, earning a lot of money and worrying about not being able to support his wife and children, can you only realize your noble sentiments in the life of a boy, a girl and a little boy if I come to you to weave a net? Logically speaking, this is very stupid, but logic is not important, because people in the world generally do not speak logic. They like to talk about responsibility, talk about obligations, and give up everything for responsibility. Thinking about it makes me feel moving, yes, moving, but disgusting. It's like clamoring to live for the sake of reproduction, and to criticize homosexual behavior against social laws with this "righteousness". This movie is actually no exception. All the development of the plot seems to be for a seemingly happy ending, S rest in peace, M changes back to the good husband and good father under the universal standard.

This is actually very terrifying. In the end, what the movie wants to say is: although you are gay, although your boyfriend does not know why it turns into a ghost, it is so cool to explode, although there may be people in conservative villages who are enlightened , supported. But look at how magnanimous your wife is, look at your baby, do you have the patience for your wife to endure other people's gossip? So, even if you look at your wife's two tits and have no sexual desire at all, it doesn't matter at all, you are a man, you have responsibilities and obligations, so please continue to live a life of "love and love" with your wife. And those who destroy other people's families have to die. Even if they die and become ghosts, they will still be saved.

First of all, it's hard to say whether the male protagonist's setting is a closet or a bi. If the former, then this is a middle-aged comrade who is not greedy enough to swallow an elephant in a conservative environment. After his lover dies, he wakes up and comes out of the closet, and finally returns to socialism. Among the responsibilities and obligations, the wife and the child, the movie ends, and a big reunion. Maybe M will recall his lover who was naked on the beach in the dead of night in the future, and maybe he will stare involuntarily when a sexy body appears on TV. Of course, these are all later stories and parts that are not shown in the movie.

Maybe some people say that it's because S's last wish is to rest in peace, but that's not because M is babbling about "I can't go on like this anymore", to be honest, if it hadn't been able to hold on, who wouldn't want this kind of life, in front of outsiders. Being a husband, being a father, having a harmonious family and being respected by others, in private, only the true love that you can see is tied to your side, in the living room, bedroom, beach, and you are not afraid of being caught and raped in bed.

Straight, curved, in the end, it’s not all about desire and dissatisfaction, hehe

(seriously, I was also surprised that the first thing I felt after watching this movie was not moving, but these anti-chicken soup things, probably because of the influence of Weibo in the past few days. The discussion influences, the movie is pretty good anyway)

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