okey, then.

Weston 2022-08-20 16:29:21

I didn't expect that my first long review would be this American drama. The main reason is that the number of words is not enough, and the number of words that have been deleted is not enough.

I don't know why so many people think this season is bad, but it's still a drama, the essence is in the phrase okey, then, things in the world are always not as expected, this is the reality, you can only accept it, okey , then, so be it, not everything in life makes sense, the sooner you accept this, the more you can fully integrate into the world of ice and blood, and then start to enjoy this "true" story (Actually, I'm still quite skeptical about whether this story is a real adaptation).

That's why he always writes that paragraph at the beginning, emphasizing that this is a true story, whether it is true or not, and whether it has changed or not, let's talk about it first. I think this is for us to watch this drama with such an attitude and treat him as a real. In addition, about the story of the Peter Bird Duck Shotgun, I don't think it means that the plot will follow that story, but to characterize everyone's attributes, including the musical instruments assigned to them, which is also a very intuitive characterization. The bird of Bai Yueguang, the slaughtered duck, the mischievous cat, the gun being held in his hand, the grandfather who was trying to save people, and so on, that Peter, who seemed to be the only normal person, was always there. She tried hard to handle the case, but she was actually the only abnormal person in this absurd world, and she was out of place, so when she said okey, then, after accepting this matter and integrating into this world, those sensing devices could suddenly sense her. This most normal character in our opinion actually floated all season, and finally landed after hugging with the traffic police at the bar.

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The Law of Vacant Places quotes

  • Nikki Swango: You're the hand and I'm the glove.

    Ray Stussy: You're the bottle and I'm the beer.

    Nikki Swango: Or the beer and the glass in my case.

  • Ray Stussy: Hey! Dickhead!

    Maurice LeFay: Huh?

    Ray Stussy: I gotta place, turns out a place that needs some robbing. A little robbing, not wholesale burglary, just a specific... Just looking for a certain item. And if you do it... well let's just say... your little problem goes up in smoke.

    Maurice LeFay: What are we talking about?

    Ray Stussy: A stamp.

    Maurice LeFay: A stamp?... Like a... postage stamp?

    Ray Stussy: Yeah.

    Maurice LeFay: Cool... Cool... So I mean, I know I'm the moron but...

    Ray Stussy: It's not that kind of stamp numb nuts... It's a vintage stamp, it's got you know... sentimental value for me... It's my stamp.

    Maurice LeFay: Your stamp.

    Ray Stussy: But it's, you know, at someone else's house temporarily.

    Maurice LeFay: Cool, cool... So why not just ask for it back?

    Ray Stussy: Well it's, you know, complicated... Just get the damn stamp.