An eagle should not fly lower than a chicken

Forrest 2022-11-19 21:16:14

1. Rotten Tooth is a full-blown poison. I've never seen something so disgusting. There is no flash in the lines, and it is far inferior to malvo. If you can't force it, you just use nausea to make up the time. Close-up of cigarette needles picking teeth, close-up of rotten mouth and black teeth occupying the entire screen, eating, spitting, eating, sitting on the toilet and eating feces-like food. Pulled out the rotten dick from the crotch, urinated in the teacup, and forced him to drink it. Every time Rotten Teeth appears, I immediately fast forward. Originally, the first and second seasons were reserved for my family dinner. The whole family has always regarded it as a spiritual meal, but the third season made me watch it on my mobile phone alone, and I never have the appetite to watch it again. Is the screenwriter too much? already?

2. The killer is completely incompetent. The most basic way to shoot a martial arts drama is not to underestimate the villain. The villain has to be charismatic in order to attract the audience. At the same time, the villain must have superpowers in order to highlight the strength and value of the positive characters. In this play, the Cossacks usually only bully the weak, and they are destroyed by old men and women in the mountains. Asian midgets roll dead fish eyes all day. First, he was hijacked by the command car, and then perfectly captured by the mute. Not only did he not know how to be ashamed, he also danced a ballet with his short legs. It was inexplicable. Killing both of them would have no sense of revenge.

3. The characters behave unbelievably. In general, the leader who takes advantage of the merger will try to make the loser feel comfortable. The male director of the show was rude to the former female director, arrogant throughout the whole process, without any reflection; the parking lot owner had no defense ability in the face of the framed video, and immediately let the family disintegrate; the debt and equity should be clearly defined in the contract Chu, but it is easy to be confused by the rotten teeth, and there is no way to complain; money laundering crimes require an industry with huge turnover and chaotic prices, and at the same time, it needs a huge source of black money, and the rotten teeth actually choose the parking lot. The industry with clear price and quantity is used to launder money, and it is basically impossible to see a huge amount of money to be laundered, but completely rely on fraudulent loans.

4. The relationship between characters is set apart from soup and water. In order for the works to be seen, the characters must be cared for. The parking lot owner and the parole officer, the two killers, are both sullen and unattractive, and people don't care about their lives at all. The old father of the beautiful female police officer was actually a stepfather, so after his death, he seemed indifferent. There's no need to call it a stepfather. It's my father, how could it drag down the plot? Dad doesn't have any secrets from the past? As one of the core cases of the whole play, the murder case, because of the setting of the stepfather, has greatly reduced its appeal and cannot make the audience care. The harm caused by the homosexual husband of the female police officer is basically invisible. The nagging of Lester's wife in the first season and the police officer's wife getting cancer in the second season all made me feel concerned and worried. And the setting of the third season, made the soup and the water.

5. The characterization is unattractive. The feature of a good drama is that even the supporting characters are lively and lively, such as the two killers in the first season, the two FBI agents, the lawyer with mouth guns in the second season, the orphan cashier who loves to read philosophy books in the butcher's shop, etc. Unforgettable. It's been a big hit this season. The little policewoman boy is far less cute than the children in the previous two seasons. In the first season, the postman's daughter is not afraid of tigers. In the second season, Jasmine's firm and focused gaze when she was a child, and her cute baby fat, make people love and care. The little boy in the third season is basically free from the plot.

Forget it, I wrote so much because the first two seasons were so good. The third season was ruined like this, and I regret it in my heart. If the screenwriter is done for a while, you can take a break, there is no need to force it.

It is said that the eagle sometimes flies lower than the chicken, and the chicken can never fly as high as the eagle, but as a master screenwriter of the eagle, he should not make such inferior products to torture the audience. The sky is where the eagle should stay. Fluttering in the chicken coop, the eagle is tired, I am upset and distressed.

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