What is happiness

Holden 2022-10-03 04:53:08

After reading it, it makes people think for a long time, it is very uncomfortable, I want to refute but there is no reason to refute, each of them is very happy, but the beginning and the end are the same calm, but the people are different. The title of the film is happiness. The happiest time for the male protagonist is when he has the love of his wife and also loves Yi Meimei. Two women love him at the same time. Love makes people happy. Watching the love triangle in the play, Although each of them are happy and feel happy. As an audience, it's hard to feel inside. I think loving someone is wholehearted love. How can there be two loves? The colors and music of the movie also play a very clever role, and there are many surprises. Cherish the person in front of you and enjoy love.

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Le Bonheur quotes

  • François Chevalier: [to Thérèse, his wife] If you're mad, I'll spank you.

  • Émilie Savignard: I love you too. I feel happy. Be happy too, don't worry. I'm free, happy, and you're not the first. Love me.

    François Chevalier: Such happiness!