Le Bonheur – Spooky Sunflower Looking

Barrett 2022-10-14 12:06:52

Have a great movie time. The colorful pictures, simple character relationships, straightforward lines, picturesque smiles, and the appearance of the male protagonist are also quite pleasing to the eye.

The sunflower at the beginning of the film, the camera seems to have to switch faster and faster, I was shocked.
The sunflower is watching.
Looking at it with enthusiasm, looking at it with envy, looking at it regardless, looking at it with soul-stirring eyes. Looking strangely, those happy people

said, "I love my wife, she is like a stubborn plant, and you are different, you are like a free animal, I...I When I love nature", the audience laughed and applauded together, almost standing up to pay homage to this line. So, I understood that this was a collective cognition of male psychology, and then I was secretly relieved that everyone had already accepted it.

Based on this perception, it is not uncommon for a lover to completely replace the position of guarding a loving and loyal wife. It doesn't matter if she lives or dies, it seems better to be dead.

The virtuous, smart, beautiful, blond beauty who was willing to pay for love disappeared quickly as her memory gradually blurred. Not to mention the man, even the child will lose this memory - your beautiful and gorgeous floral dress under the red leaves in autumn, every woman has one, no different.

Happiness, suddenly cheap in this film.

As long as you compare your behavior with that man, and your wife loves her lover passionately for her own death, this comfortable happiness will be simple and fragrant.

The eerie sunflower, how dazzling but closer to deep black.
Warm happiness, there is no light here

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Le Bonheur quotes

  • François Chevalier: [to Thérèse, his wife] If you're mad, I'll spank you.

  • Émilie Savignard: I love you too. I feel happy. Be happy too, don't worry. I'm free, happy, and you're not the first. Love me.

    François Chevalier: Such happiness!